'Slink' Magazine "Perfection" Issue Is Interactive, Puts Readers On The Cover Page

Since SLiNK Magazine's launch in 2010, the publication has been giving its plus size readership relatable cover stars. But now, instead of just relating to the cover model, you can BE the cover model. Yes, you read that right. Taking their motto "Less Plastic More Fantastic" to a new level, SLiNK's new scannable cover proves that everyone is cover star material. Pioneering in body positivity, this magazine is letting women in 15 countries celebrate who they are.

The magazine, which is UK-based and designed for women size 14 and up, has created the first interactive plus-size fashion magazine for its "Perfection Issue." And I can't think of a better way for a magazine to celebrate the individuality of its readers. Just download the app Blippar and scan the cover to upload your own photo, which will be featured front and center.

SLiNK's cover features a Slinkette doll box with the cover star, Louise O'Reilly, inside. With the slogan "Be the Boss" printed at the bottom of the box, this body positive cover encourages their readers (quite literally) to jump inside. But the fun doesn't stop there. The app gives the readers the ability to put themselves into the corresponding feature spread inside the magazine as well.

#Slinkettes are already showing off their cover shots on social media.

Just grab and issue and tag your cover photo with #slinkette, #slinkmagazine, or #lessplasticmorefantastic to join the fun.

SLiNK editor Rivkie Baum told Buzzfeed, "We spend our time striving to look like models, photoshopped images and the dolls of our childhood... It is about time we celebrated who we are, not the media ideals we think we should be."

At least someone gets it!

Image: SLiNK Magazine/Instagram