The Starbucks Interview Spelling Test We All Need

We've all had the annoying experience of getting our Café Mocha or S'mores Frappuccino, only to discover the name written on the cup is spelled woefully, horribly wrong. So, since we can all relate to this problem, BuzzFeed Yellow has created a hilarious Starbucks Interview Spelling Test, which is one interview requirement I definitely think should be required of all new baristas. Even the simplest of names can be screwed up at Starbucks; I mean, my name is Erin, which you'd think is a pretty straightforward name — but I kid you not, it has been spelled as both "Erinn" and "Errinn" by Starbucks baristas.

Starbucks name misspellings have been talked about for years, even by such high profile publications as Forbes. There's even an entire blog dedicated to Starbucks spelling errors, filled with face-palm worthy pictures of people with horribly inaccurate name misspellings.

The sketch starts out as the manager of Starbucks presenting this spelling test as the final part of the interview. "We've got a lot of people coming in and we've got to spell there names right," the manager quips, and the barista-to-be quickly agrees. What happens next is when you'll start either to laugh, or want to curl up in a ball and hide from the disaster that's waiting to happen:

1. "Is that Mike with an 'M'?"

A name like Mike is pretty common and therefore should be an easy one to get — but this interviewee must either be extremely nervous or just know a lot of Mykes, because that's precisely his interpretation of how the name is spelled.

2. "Could you please use it in a sentence for me?"

They move on to another name, John. The interviewee asks if his interviewer will use the word in a sentence, a popular stalling tactic any of us who have ever been in a spelling bee has used. The result of this spelling test is another failure, as he spells "John" like "June." A for effort, buddy.

3. "I think I got all of the letters there."

Next, he's asked to spell Amy, which is the name of the interviewer's wife. This is somehow interpreted to the interviewee as "Catherine Zeta-Jones." For real. Maybe it's overkill, but it definitely shows how ridiculous some of the name misspellings are.

And that's not the worst (or best) of it. If you want to see these and see if this barista gets the job, make sure to watch the full video below:

Images: Jessica Wilson/Flickr; BuzzFeed Yellow/YouTube (3)