11 Best '90s Karaoke Songs To Impress People With

Every weekend, we all end up in the same universal position: making some really solid choices with your friends over the next few free days. One of them should most certainly be enjoying some ice cold librations in the early summer heat, and then hitting the nearest karaoke bar. Hard. If 500 Days of Summer taught us anything, it's that a karaoke bar is the perfect place to finally declare your crush on someone, so, if you need a little liquid courage and a stage to do your thing... well, you know where to go. But if you want to take a trip down memory lane, maybe it's time to open up the vault of '90s karaoke songs to entertain your friends with?

For some folks, karaoke is a nightmare worse than being greeted by a dozen menacing clowns. For others, it's a glorious three to five minutes of fame and glory. So, whether you're grabbing the microphone to serenade the apple of your eye or just blow off some steam, I implore you to look to the '90s for your song of choice.

When it comes to picking the right karaoke song, you have to ask yourself a few questions: "Do I want to come in strong with a showstopping ballad?," or "Do I want to really feel like a rock star and howl at the moon tonight?," or maybe even, "Do I need to cry a little?" Once you've figured that much out, travel back to the decade of grunge, boy bands, and VH1 Divas. Here are a few suggestions to inspire your selection.

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now" —Celine Dion

Why it Rules: Beyond the ridiculously epic music video, "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" is a heart-stopping power ballad that will force all eyes on you. It also calls for some interpretive dance and expressive hand motions.

"Kiss From a Rose" —Seal

Why it Rules: It encourages all men who sing it to let their shirts fly open in the breeze as they serenade the room.

"What About Your Friends —TLC

Why it Rules: Not all of us are brave enough to sing by ourselves, and this is the perfect song for you and your three best drunk girlfriends to sing. Group effort!

"Say it Ain't So" —Weezer

Why it Rules: You can get away with talk-singing and straight up yelling. It also brings back all of those angsty high school feels.

"Zombie" —The Cranberries

Why it Rules: You will no doubt have everyone in the room singing along with you by the end.

"Santeria" —Sublime

Why it Rules: Finally, FINALLY you can impress your cooler next door neighbor who skateboards and plays the guitar.

"I Want it That Way" —Backstreet Boys

Why it Rules: It's only one of the greatest pop songs in the history of pop music. The harmonies! The TRL flashbacks! The synchronized finger snaps!

"Juicy" —The Notorious B.I.G.

Why it Rules: To pull it off, you have to not just KNOW it — you have to commit the hell out of it. For karaoke masters only.

"Torn" —Natalie Imbruglia

Why it Rules: It's the song everyone has forgotten how much they love. Bring everyone back to the light of Natalie Imbruglia, and become a karaoke hero.

"Un-Break My Heart" —Toni Braxton

Why it Rules: Sometimes karaoke is the only thing that can (temporarily) heal a broken heart, and this is the only song you need to wail out all of your feelings to. Bonus points for Tyson Beckford.

"Always Be My Baby" —Mariah Carey

Why it Rules: It will remind everyone in the bar what was so right with the '90s. Mariah forever.