7 Reasons Why Mac Could've Handled A 'Veronica Mars' Spin-Off, Starting With The Fact That She's More Than A Sidekick

Neptune is filled with many colorful characters, from murderous Hollywood stars to gang leaders of ambiguous morality... plus your occasional teenage private eye. But lost in the din of dynamic personalities, there's meek tech wunderkind Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie from Veronica Mars, often pigeonholed as said teenage private eye's BFF. But Mac is really an intriguing character on her own. And, if we can give Ryan Hansen slash Dick Casablancas his own spin-off, then there's no reason why Mac couldn't get her own show, too.

The truth is that we need more interesting ladies on television (webseries too), and, when you look at the Veronica Mars saga through the Mac perspective, you could unearth some really meaty drama. Like Veronica herself, this girl has maaaaaaajor tragedy in her past, not to mention a pretty razor sharp mind mixed with a dash of social awkwardness. (And while I'm granting wishes, I have to say, I'd love to see a Full House-esque family friendly sitcom starring Weevil, too.)

So, outlined for your consideration are just a few of the reasons why Mac was one of Veronica Mars' unsung heroines... and why she most definitely could bring some depth to her very own show.

1. Her Heart-Wrenching Switched-At-Birth Story


Dude, finding out that you're supposed to belong to another family, particularly one that is filthy rich, is definitely mind-boggling. The fact that Mac is technically the real Madison Sinclair makes me want to check into therapy. I do however find it hilarious that Mrs. Sinclair sort of shows that she wants to know Mac, whereas the MacKenzies blatantly don't care about Madison because she's a horrible, horrible monster.

2. That Thing Where's She's A World Class Hacker


Veronica first meets Mac when she's trying to figure out who's tampering with student passwords and putting out false results for the online "purity test." Mac complies, but it's only later that Veronica realizes that Mac set up the purity test to swindle money from the 09ers, and that the computer genius subsequently got a sweet new ride out of the deal. Being a woman in STEM is cool, but being a devious woman in STEM who can con her way into getting a new car? I want to know more about that chick.

3. The Time She Dated A Horrible Psychopath


We all make bad romantic choices that promise us years of trauma to work through. Not all of them come in the swoony package that is Logan. In fact, some of them come in the unexpected package that is Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas. And poor Mac: Beaver reveals himself to be the worst of the worst, and the scars are clearly still fresh when she gets to college.

4. She Keeps Pretty Great Company


And I'm sure Veronica could make a good wacky sidekick as Mac establishes herself as a professional hacker-for-hire.

5. We Need To Know How She Ended Up Working For Kane Software


The Kane empire is basically the woooooorst, but that has to be akin to working a sweet gig at Google or some other prestigious Silicon Valley corporation. After Veronica fled from Hearst College, it would be interesting to see what misadventures Mac was up to that ultimately land her that position.

6. We Could See The Show Retold From Her Perspective


I'd love to focus on her perspective of the year she helped Veronica crack case after case, infiltrating frat parties the same way she crashes through a firewall. She wasn't quite over her Beaver anxiety, but it's incredibly brave that Mac was around to fight the good fight.

7. That Hair Though


During the series, Mac was a walking advert for Manic Panic, constantly having her tips dyed blue or red or some other bold hue. But when she shows up in the movie with the side-shaved Scarlett Johansson do? I'm pretty sure you can hear me scream, "Yaaaaaaaas, Queen!" somewhere in the distance, because that is the hairdo of a strong woman who has grown comfortable in her own skin.

Bless. (And then give Mac her own show.)

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