Blake Lively Is Now Making Jumpsuits

by Emily Kirkpatrick

Not only is the IRL Serena van der Woodsen ridiculously good looking, married to Ryan Reynolds, and raising a son who will surely grow up to be the most handsome creature the world has ever known, but she's pretty much great at whatever she sets her mind to. Just look at her lifestyle website Perserve. OK sure, she's not exactly at Martha Stewart status, yet, but she is definitely well on her way. Blake Lively is designing clothes now, expanding her online empire to now include items she's created herself, available in limited quantities. Much like her Gossip Girl alter ego, Lively really does seem to have the perfect life.

She's already made the perfect summer dress in collaboration with Amour Vert, and now she's done it again, crafting my summer dream jumpsuit with Sam & Lavi. In typical Lively fashion, the jumpsuit is totally tailored and ladylike, but still surprisingly sexy thanks to its strapless style.

It features an all-over green palm leaf print that makes this an instant must-wear, whether you're spending this summer on a tropical getaway, at a beach house in the Hamptons, or just trawling through Brooklyn in search of a square foot of shade.

While the jumpsuit is a little pricey, ringing in close to $300, the price is apparent in the high quality construction and boning throughout the bustier. Just make sure to grab yours quick because anything with Lively's stamp of approval is sure to be sold out in the blink of an eye.