In Other News: November 11, 2013

A map ranking the global prevalence of depression has been released by the Washington Post based on recent research from the University of Queensland. The Middle East and North Africa rank among the world's most depressed, while the Japanese are among the happiest.

The United States Department of Agriculture might allow chickens born, raised, and slaughtered in China to be imported and sold in the States, but the legislation has some clucking over dubious health standards.

A water-recycling shower that uses 90 percent less water traps it from the drain, purifies it, then sends it back through the showerhead. Because astronauts do it, so why shouldn't you?

Amid all the rubble and destruction in the typhoon-pummeled Philippines, 21-year-old Emily Sagalis somehow, miraculously, managed to give birth in a destroyed airport compound. To a healthy baby girl, no less.

Is a hangover-free future soon to hit the shelf? So says Cambridge-educated neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt. But could it get here in time for the holidays, please?

On the other side of the bev industry, a study has found that postponing your morning joe is more effective for ultimate caffeine jolt than having it upon bleary awakening — and the optimum time is later than one might think.

A movement started by Iranian students in America is literally encouraging the two nations to kiss and make up, saying that a new time for diplomatic relations has come. So far, lots of kissy faces (the goal is 1,000).

Out of work? Willing to relocate? Did we say desperately out of work? This is a thing:

In breaking science news, two researchers have figured out how men can pee in order to prevent minimal "splashback," which is about exactly what it sounds like.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie met his idol Bruce Springsteen, got a hug, went home, and cried.