There Is A Lake Filled To The Brim With Jellyfish

There's a lake entirely filled with jellyfish, and it looks like a huge hazard. I mean, a beautiful, dreamy pink on blue hazard. But a hazard all the same. (I feel like every time I encounter exotic animals on the Internet, I forget that they're somewhat less than harmless — like the obnoxiously cute burrito wrapped baby bats. In real life, I'm petrified of baby bats, but somehow when they're swaddled like the baby Jesus, I'm sold.) Jellyfish Lake looks ever-so-safe when you watch jellyfish glide through the stunning ocean water. Luckily, I have Dory's "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" in my head cautioning me, and reminding me otherwise.

Jellyfish Lake is in Palau, which is an island in the western section of the North Pacific, to the east of China. It's near the Phillipines, north of Australia. (I may not be good with latitude and longitude, but I can read a map.) The lake is a marine lake in a grouping of rocky, uninhabited islands in Palau's Southern Lagoon. There are about 70 other lakes located throughout the islands and millions of jellyfish float horizontally across the lake.

On the video, mikeyk730 says:

"A place like Palau's Jellyfish Lake is a reminder of how wondrous the world can be. Swimming with literally millions of jellyfish was absolutely surreal — a reminder that there will always be surprises out there!"

Here are the jellyfish that would leave even Dory speechless:

And the full video:

Put Jellyfish Lake at the top of the list of wonders we desperately need to see.

Images: YouTube