These Nail Helmets Prevent Your Mani From Denting

It’s always so satisfying to paint the smoothest coat of nail polish, but the moment I accidentally dent it, I can’t help but feel like a little part of me died. I know there are quick dry polishes that can act as top coats and ultimately help to prevent dents from happening, but if you’re super clumsy like me, you're also going to need these nail helmets called Helmies.

I know it sounds weird, but they’re actually pretty cute and they’re super handy. Each pack of Helmies comes with 10 helmets for your fingers and two helmets for your toes. The helmets are made from silicone with cutouts along the pads of your fingers so that you can text and use any other touchscreen devices. The helmets also keep in the smell of acetone to a minimum so you don’t have to smell those harmful chemicals for so long.

Here's how you use them: paint your nails, finish them off with a top coat, and slide on the Helmies. Easy as that. The creators speak some real truth about our nail painting experiences, saying, “Here comes the frightening part – having to get your purse out, enter your pin, get your car keys and leave! It can take a while before your are ‘dent proof,’ so put on your Helmies first and breathe!”

Image: Helmies Nails/Facebook; helmies_nails/Instagram