7 Cute Reasons To Ship Mindy & B.J. Even More Now

by Rachel Simon

For fans of The Office, it's no secret that Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak's friendship is the stuff of legends. Ever since the duo began co-starring together on The Office, their adorably weird relationship (they dated, they broke up, they worked together, they're writing a book...), has had fans wondering what their deal really is. At Kaling and Novak's BookCon 2015 panel to promote Kaling's new memoir Why Not Me? , the stars didn't exactly give any answers, but they had enough adorable moments to satisfy hopeful fans.

Behold, the seven cutest moments from Kaling and Novak's BookCon panel conversation:

When She Called Him Out In The Video

As an intro to the panel, a video was shown, narrated by Kaling, highlighting the writer's impressive career. When it got to the part about her bestselling first memoir, 2011's Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?, Kaling took a moment to appreciate her success — and then called out Novak for his own work, The Book With No Pictures.

"It seemed like a very big deal, until her best friend did exactly the same thing," Kaling said.

When He Teased Her About Going To Cannes

When Kaling briefly mentioned that she'd just returned from the Cannes Film Festival to promote the movie Inside Out, Novak didn't hesitate to make fun of her for attending the elite event. When she joked, "I’ve changed since Cannes," he jokingly rolled his eyes and quickly steered the conversation away, even when she playfully tried to keep bringing it up.

When She Compared TV To Being In A "Really Rocky Relationship"

And Novak looked nervously away.

When She Made Fun Of Him For The McDonalds Movie

It turns out the Twitter shout-out wasn't enough; Kaling's so appalled Novak's taking on a role in the Ray Croc biopic that she brought it up again in the panel. Novak, however, was not amused, telling Kaling that "this is not about me," but that he's willing to talk to the director to get her a role since he knows she loves McDonald's.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When She Called Him "The Baddest Of The Good Boys"

She compared Novak to the kid at space camp who smokes weed, and said he's one of the only "bad boys" she's ever been into.

When She Poked Fun At His Heritage

When a Canadian fan asked a question, Kaling was all too happy to point out that Novak is half-Canadian, telling him excitedly that "you're more of a foreigner than I am!"

When He Steered Her Away From A Tangent

After Kaling somehow went from answering a question on book chapters to talking about American patriotism, Novak gently got her back to topic, for which she thanked him profusely.

"You're a good best friend because you steer me away from getting into trouble," she said.

Image: Getty Images