Are Mindy Kaling & BFF B.J. Novak Writing A Book?!

by Caitlin White

Whenever The Office co-stars and your pretend BFFs Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are spotted in public together, the Internet falls apart, as everyone crosses their collective fingers that the two are back on in their long-standing "It's Complicated" relationship. So everyone needs to sit down right this second because rumors are swirling that a new book by Kaling and Novak will center on their on-again, off-again relationship and best friendship.

Kaling and Novak are slated to kick off BookCon Saturday, May 30. The conversation is reportedly focused on Kaling's second memoir Why Not Me?, but gossip is already buzzing at the New York Daily News that the pair will actually announce their new collaborative book and its title at the talk. Bustle has reached out to representatives for Kaling and Novak for confirmation and comment.

Both Novak and Kaling have spoken publicly about their history dating as well as their current best friendship status. During the promotion of his children's book The Book With No Pictures , Novak was asked to describe his former The Office co-star in one word:

Complicated. A really complicated person and a really complicated friendship, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Last September during an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show, Kaling described her former romantic relationship with Novak, saying he "broke her heart" when he ended the relationship:

That was the hottest I've ever looked because I stopped eating. When I get depressed, I stop eating. I was so miserable and I was so beautiful ... I was 24, but for the record, if anyone had asked me to marry them, I would have said yes.

Novak's guest-starring role on the (sadly!) now-cancelled The Mindy Project was a shout-out to the two's complicated relationship. Novak played a love interest for Kaling who had a tight, suggestive bond with his BFF, played by Eva Amurri. He told Entertainment Weekly how the friendship mimicked his real-life bond with Kaling:

We are pretty inseparable best friends with a lot of chemistry ourselves, and we’re not dating. Whenever we date anyone else, I think there’s a period where the person is very skeptical of our friendship.

As icing on the cake, when an audience member during his children's book tour asked Novak if he was going to marry Kaling, he paused, and then said, "I don’t know.”

Considering I want to be the third BFF in this friendship, I bet the two have a lot of great stories to tell. And they could teach us a thing or two about remaining friends with your ex, even after a heartbreak. If the rumors are true, Random House agrees, as it's circulating that the publisher doled out a massive $7.5 million for the book.

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