20 Food Gifts For Father's Day Every Dad With An Appetite Will Totally Love

It feels like Mother's Day was literally yesterday, but alas — Father's Day is right around the corner. Start thinking about what you're going to buy your dad now, rather than later, so that you're actually ready this year instead of running around like a maniac searching for perfect Father's Day gifts. And what could be more perfect than a gift of something you know your dad loves — food!

Instead of buying your dad his favorite candy or getting him a gift card to a restaurant he loves, do something a little different. Go for a mouth-watering gourmet snack set, or a kit where he can make his own bacon, or some tools he'll find useful. Whatever kind of food gift you're looking for, I think you'll find it within these options. Bon appetit!

An Artisanal Picnic Feast

Take your dad out for a picnic with this gift. This gift set includes beer salami, whole grain mustard, pistachios, pickles, potato chips, a maple bacon chocolate bar, cheddar cheese, and garlic and basil crackers.

Fatherly Feast Gift Set, $85, Mouth

A Bacon Making Kit

Make your dad feel like the world’s best cook by letting him create his own bacon. This kit could even be a fun project you two could work on together, which is even better.

Bacon Making Kit, $39.99, Williams Sonoma

BBQ Sauce And Rubs

If your dad is into grilling, make the experience even better with these tasty rubs and one barbecue sauce. Not only are they delicious, but the packaging is cool enough to double as a kitchen decoration.

BBQ Sauce and Rubs (Set of 4), $28, Food 52

A Tamales Kit

Keep things interesting with this DIY tamales kit. It includes Mexican chilies, and will guarantee an authentic Mexican meal.

DIY Tamales Kit, $69, Food 52

A Wine Carrier

Summer is coming, which means picnics, beach days, and barbecues. Make sure your dad is never without his favorite bottle of wine with this carrier. It’s leather, so it’s sleek, sophisticated, and super handy.

Leather Handled Wine Carrier, $65, Food 52

Gourmet Snacks

Let your dad snack at his leisure with this gourmet snack set. It includes potato chips, bacon peanut kettle corn, Old Bay pickles, chocolate gingersnaps, and almond brittle. So fancy, so good.

Dad-dee-licious Food Set, $50, Mouth

Jam And Ketchup Sampler Kit

If your dad is an adventurous eater, he’ll love this. It is small samplings of some delicious bacon spreads: original, Fennel Black Pepper Bacon Spread, Thai Coconut Pumpkin Ketchup, Chipotle Pumpkin Ketchup, and Apply Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Ketchup.

Skillet Sampler, $35, Skillet Street Food

A BBQ Tool

Is your dad the grill master? Then he needs this. It’s a two-in-one barbecue tool that mixes tongs with a spatula, so he can easily grab whatever he needs to flip or take off the grill, whether it’s burgers, steaks, fish, or vegetables.

2-in-1 BBQ Tool, $22, Brookstone

Popcorn Machine

The best kind of popcorn is fresh — forget that stuff in a microwaveable bag! Give your dad the best movie nights ever with this popcorn popper.

West Bend Professional On-Demand Hot-Air Popcorn Popper, $50, Bed Bath & Beyond

A Cookbook He'll Love

If your dad is really into cooking in general, then he could probably use a new cookbook (everybody could once in a while). This one, called Man Food , is full of awesome recipes he’ll be excited to try.

Man Food, $16, Amazon

Father's Day Cupcakes

Go for something simple with these cute Father’s Day cupcakes. Sweet, yummy, and adorable — especially if he’s into golf.

Father’s Day Cupcakes, $60, Williams Sonoma

A Beer Making Kit

You can’t go wrong with a beer making kit if your dad loves a nice, cold glass of beer in the summer. There are lots of different flavors offered on this site (there’s even one for hard cider), but this summer wheat seems just right for the season.

Beer Making Kit, $40, Amazon

A Burger Stuffing Kit

Check out these genius ways to stuff a burger, then tell me you don’t want to run out and buy this for your dad. This kit is super simple to use, and also comes with a cookbook for even more ideas.

Stuff A Burger Press with Cookbook, $10, Sur La Table

A Big Mix Of Snacks

If you want even more gourmet snack options, check out this gift set. It includes potato chips, zesty lime popcorn, filet mignon beef jerky, chocolate twizzle rolls, maple thyme pecans, Old Bay pickles, chocolate gingersnaps, and bacon caramel popcorn. Everything is unique and full of flavor.

Dad’s Gotta Eat Set, $80, Mouth

Monogrammed Bar Tools

If your dad is the master of making cocktails and drinks, then it’s about time he received a gorgeous set of bar tools. This one includes a strainer, jigger, bottle opener, and ice tongs, but the nicest part is that it’s monogrammed.

Monogrammed Stainless Steel Bar Tools Set, $27, Williams-Sonoma

Hot Sauce

Who doesn’t love new and interesting flavors of hot sauce? This set of Bigfat’s hot sauce includes Garlic Ginger, 7 Pot Citrus, and Chipotle Curry.

Bigfat’s Hot Sauce (Set of 3), $20, Food 52

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon

Want to really splurge and pull out the big guns? Get these bacon-wrapped filet mignon steaks, then help your dad make a Father’s Day feast.

Double R Ranch Co Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon, $150, Williams-Sonoma

BBQ Sauce

Combine two things dads love: barbecue sauce and beer. This set of three craft beer BBQ sauces includes a pale ale, a pilsner, and a dark lager. So cool!

Craft Beer Barbecue Sauce, Set of 3, $30, Williams-Sonoma

A Giant Set Of Food

If you’re willing to spend a lot on your dad this year, consider this gift set. It includes: potato chips, filet mignon beef jerky, zesty lime popcorn, ginger beer syrup, chocolate twizzle rolls, Carolina BBQ sauce, DIY cold brew kit, pickles, raspberry pate food heart, chocolate gingersnaps, Old Bay pickles, almond brittle, and bacon caramel popcorn.

World’s Greatest Dad Kit, $140, Mouth

Himalayan Salt Block

Not only does a pink salt block look amazingly cool, it also serves a purpose. It enhances the flavor of whatever you put on it, and can be used to cook or serve.

Himalayan Salt Block, $40, Sur La Table