Everyone Has A Fave 'Doctor Who' Companion

For as long as the Doctor has been flying around in his TARDIS, he has been picking up passengers to keep him company. These companions of the Doctor are always brave, fearless, and thirsting for adventure. They also have a habit of just ever so slightly edging out the Doctor in the race for my affections. As epic as the Doctor is, it is the companions I relate to the most. Not only are they the human centers who keep Doctor Who from flying so far off into space that it loses its way, they are also the audiences gateway into the fantastical world the Doctor inhabits. Is it any wonder we all have a favorite Doctor Who companion?

The Doctor has been around for a good 50 years in TV time, so he has had his fair share of companions. I have not been around for 50 years, so I can only discuss the companions who have traveled with the Doctor in the past decade. They are an awesome group of women (and guys), and chances are one stole your heart just a tiny bit more than the rest did. That's only natural. Each of the companions have rich, unique personalities all their own. So, what does your favorite companion say about you? I would wager quite a lot, but read on to find out for yourself.

Rose Tyler

Rose was the first new Who companion, and she left quite the impression on the show. She was young, restless, and ready to see the whole universe. Rose is a true adventurer, and so are you. Your spirit is youthful, and you never worry about the future because you are too busy living in the now. When you were young, you always dreamed Peter Pan would come to your window and take you off to Neverland, and sometimes you still look for him. You made a vow to yourself a long time ago to never stop running toward new experiences, and you have been running ever since. Your "up for anything" attitude makes you the most spontaneous member of your squad.

Captain Jack Harkness

On the outside, you are always grinning. The happy go lucky facade you present to the world is not your whole story though. Like Captain Jack, you are full of secrets, and, while it is your charisma everyone remembers, those who know you the best always cite your loyalty as your strongest trait. You are fearless, resilient, and you love being around people who challenge you.

Martha Jones

Martha Jones was a total boss, and so are you. When people tell you something is impossible, you channel your inner-Martha and get stuff done. Sure, you also sympathize with Martha's unrequited crush on the Doctor (who wouldn't?), but the real reason you relate to her is because you understand what it feels like to have your awesomeness be so thoroughly under-appreciated. She walked the Earth to save the Doctor and the world. While you probably have not faced anything that extreme, you never back down from a fight — especially when there is something important at stake.

Donna Noble

There is a part of you that feels like maybe no one truly sees you, but, when you watch Donna, you realize how untrue that is. Donna is proof that everyone, including a temp who almost married a bug alien, is full of potential. Like Donna, you are strong willed, not afraid of expressing your opinions, and have a killer sense of humor. You have a unique way of relating to everyone you meet, and you are known for your soft heart. Never let anyone tell you that letting your heart guide you is a weakness; it was a strength for the indomitable Donna Noble, and it is a strength for you too.

Amy Pond

You believe in fairy tales, daydreams, and never, ever growing up... until you have to. Your faith in all things magical makes you a delight to be around, as does your love for having a good laugh. Amy knew there was always time to embrace the silly side of life, and you agree with her 100 percent. You believe in making your fantasies a reality at any cost, and your drive is relentless. Like Amy, the only thing that ever makes you run is matters of the heart, but, once you find someone to love, you will stand by them forever.

Rory Williams

Rory Williams lacked confidence in himself and his abilities, and maybe you have the same problem. I'm sure if you asked anyone in your life what they thought of you, they would tell you what a kind, brave person you are. Rory was a hero; it just took some soul searching for him to unlock his full potential. You are endlessly loyal and a true romantic. While you often tend to underestimate yourself, know that no one else does. You're awesome; you just have to learn to embrace it.

River Song

You are a force of nature; there is simply no other way to describe you. River would probably not take kindly to being called a "companion." She was more than a fellow traveler; she was the Doctor's wife. Similarly, you value your independence and uniqueness above all else. Nothing and no one can tie you down. You are known for your fiery temper, wicked jokes, and ability to charm anyone. When it comes to friendships, work, and love, you always make the first move, and the only things you regret are missed opportunities.

Clara Oswald

There is so much more to Clara than there appears to be at first glance, and the same is true of you. While you fancy yourself a "regular" person, there are so many extraordinary things about you. For one thing, you are always up for trying something new, and, for another, you have dedicated your life to making other people's lives better. Because you are so open and giving, people always lean on you for support, and you give it without asking for anything in return. You are down to earth and easy to love — don't sell yourself short, you are just as incredible as the companions who came before.

See what I mean? It's impossible to state your favorite companion without giving people a glimpse of your true personality.

Images: BBC; Giphy (7); wtbh0whatthebloodyhell/Tumblr