Rachel Knows The Code On 'Orphan Black' & That Means She's The Clone They Need Right Now

Lately, Cosima has been trying to decipher a strange code in an Island of Dr. Moreau book. It used to belong to Duncan, one of the guys behind this whole "clone" thing. In the pages of the book, he wrote a sort of code full of weird symbols and underlined words, and to anyone else it might seem like just boring scribbles. Cosima knows it's more than that, though, and this season on Orphan Black she's been trying to crack the code. She's had no luck — and neither has her lab partner Scott. They need a key, and it turns out someone actually has it. Rachel knows the code's key, and she's willing to talk about it. However, she's only willing to talk to Sarah. Poor one-eyed Rachel has been dealing with a lot lately. Her therapy, both mental and physical, is progressing slowly, so now she's able to at least form words and thoughts on her own. She's even been paining a little bit, and she's not just painting landscapes and pictures of fruit. Nope, she's painting the same images found in the Monroe book. Scott picks up on this, tells Cosima, and they realize they've finally found the key to cracking it. Could this really be the final step for unlocking the clone's genetic code? Are they really almost to this journey's end? Since Cosmia is MIA right now — because she's off pretending to be Alison — Scott's the one to confront Rachel, even though he scares her (oh, LOL, Scott. Never change). Rachel will give up the code, but she will only tell Sarah. Good thing Sarah is half way around the world right now, dealing her own issues, like the fallout from being captured by Castor and Paul's death. I bet she's going to want to hang out with Rachel ASAP. Part of me feels like this could be a trick on Rachel's part. Just because she's now missing an eye, and not all there quite yet, I feel like she's still the conniving Rachel we've come to know over the past two seasons. So far, only Cosima and Scott even know about the book, but that doesn't mean Rachel wasn't aware of the book to begin with (she actually shakes her head when Scott talks about it, leading me to believe she knows it's out there anyway). She could want the book for herself. Or she could want the book to hand over to Dyad, even Delphine. Should we really go trusting her just yet, or is this another one of her traps?

Image: Steve Wilkie/BBC America