Kendall & Kylie Cover 'ST Style' For Topshop Line

For days now, we've all been speculating as to what a Kendall & Kylie Jenner clothing line for Topshop would actually look like. Would Topshop just be carrying the sisters' already-beloved PacSun line? Would the dynamic duo be creating a whole new collection? Would the universe go into sartorial chaos after experiencing a black-on-black apparel overload of unprecedented proportions? But now we know for sure: The Jenners are definitely designing an exclusive collection for TS. And to celebrate, well, they're on the cover of The Sunday Times Style section. Because, why not at this point?

Although we still know very little about what the collection itself will look like, we do know that it drops on June 3. We also know that Topshop's little "Kendall & Kylie" teaser video featured an abundance of palm trees and California-cool sunlight upon surfalicious waves. So by my estimations, I'm willing to bet the line is going to be filled with summer staples à la Jenner clan. There'll probably be some sheer, mesh, and other peekaboo-esque cuts and fabrics. Maybe they'll throw in the occasional print (palm trees? Waves? What does this teaser video mean?!).

My initial hypotheses about said collection was that we'd still see a lot of dark hues with just enough summer whimsy to make the collection accessible and wearable in peak heat stroke season. But judging from the Sunday Times cover, perhaps things will be a lot more Boho than all that.

Although Kylie seems to be rocking the athleisure trend whilst huddled adoringly at her sister's side, it looks like Kendall is bringing out all the festival-season vibes. Her light, white top is Boho at its best, with embroidered detail that any Coachella aficionado would swoon over.

If the sisters/BFFs/social media gurus/world-taker-over-ers can find a way of incorporating equally trendy sweatshirts and beachy frocks into one collection, well, I think we can all just call it a day and accept that these two take the whole "it girl" thing to peak levels. Like, you know, on-fleek-peak levels.

Just three more days y'all. We just have to wait three more days.

Images: Getty Images; topshop/Instagram