8 Reasons To Live In Rosewood, Because The 'Pretty Little Liars' Town Has Lots Of Shirtless Guys & No School

When it comes to best places to live, the Pretty Little Liars town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania isn’t exactly winning awards for desirable real estate. What can agents even possibly sell people on when they want to move to the town? There are brutal murders, mysterious disappearances, gang bullying, attempted drownings, false imprisonment, and grand larceny, not to mention kidnapping. At least the houses are nice and the schools are good, right? Actually, we don’t know if the schools are good, mostly because the Liars never go.

Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily are understandably very eager to go to college and leave this town where, oh, a million different horrible things have happened to them. (That is, if they ever get out of Charles’ creepy bomb shelter in the woods.) But, since I’m more of a glass-half-full kind of person, I would prefer to look at the reasons why Rosewood is a nice place to live. There has to be some good in every place, right? (Except for maybe Charles and his lair, because I don’t know what could be good about either of those things?)

So, let’s look at the bright side of things. Here are eight reasons why Rosewood may not be such a bad place to live. (If you have a very secure surveillance system and no high-school-age daughters, that is.)

1. There Is Plenty Of Man Candy

First and foremost, there are plenty of guys to look at in Rosewood, and most of the time, they’re not wearing shirts. I’m not saying that you should trust all of them (Ezra, Jason, Wren, etc.), but I am really just fine with looking at them. Pretty Little Liars knows its audience and uses the female gaze as necessary, and I am truly, truly okay with that.

2. No One Is Ever In School

For high schoolers, the girls sure miss a lot of school. The only class I’ve ever seen Aria attend is Ezra’s: Spencer is the most studious of the group, and she’s in like Model U.N. and Debate Club and stuff, and Emily swims, but their school life is focused on extracurricular activities and not on classes. Maybe it’s a new, special kind of school where you get to choose your own curriculum?

3. The Weather Is Rarely Bad, No Matter The Season

The liars move from summer dresses to fall boot-and-sweater combos and back from episode to episode, so I have to assume that Rosewood exists in a special vacuum that isn’t effected by real weather patterns. That’s helpful when your hair is expertly curled and your makeup is on point.

5. Everyone Has A Great Fashion Sense

The word “great” is subjective, of course, but all of the people in Rosewood are so well dressed. The clothes are cut perfectly, the accessories are eclectic but on point, and just think of the costumes we’ve seen! You would be super stylin' if you lived in Rosewood, if only by osmosis.

6. There Are Plenty Of Cute Hangout Spots

From the Apple Rose Grille to Ezra’s coffee-shop, Rosewood has plenty of places to grab a cup of joe and sit back with a nice book. They also have their share of creepy mask shops and weird curiosities, but if I lived there, I’d just steer clear of those. Easy peasy.

7. A Masquerade Ball Happens Every Other Weekend

Who doesn’t like a good party? I know I do. I’m not sure if they are just for high schoolers, since all of the adults seem to attend also, but there is a masquerade ball or themed dance every weekend. I do love an excuse to dress up.

8. It's Close To Major Cities Like Philadelphia & New York

If you ever get tired of the quiet, sleepy ambiance of Rosewood (yeah, right) and you want less murder and kidnapping, head to New York City or Philadelphia — they’re just a few hours away!

Have I sold you on the wonder that is Rosewood yet? I’m about to buy a house there myself: One far, far away from wherever it is that the Liars live, of course, but a house there nonetheless.

Images: ABC Family/Eric McCandless; Giphy (7)