Your Favorite 'OUAT' Pairing Says A Lot

If you're a bit of a romantic that loves 'shipping amazing fictional characters, then Once Upon A Time has got what you're after in spades. Of course, fairy tales are rife with tales of true love that triumphs over evil, which makes the writers' jobs a bit easier. But the great thing about this show is that its relationships are much more than one-dimensional storybook devotion. They're intense, complex, messy, and all the more rewarding because of it. What I'm trying to say is, Once does an incredible job in grounding the fantasy inherent in these tales firmly in reality and bringing them to life in ways that feel honest and real. Oh, and did I mention heartbreaking, too?

Whether you're desperately hoping for Captain Swan to work things out now that Emma's managed to say those three little words out loud, crying with happiness that Rumbelle have finally gotten back together or losing your mind over all the unresolved sexual tension that is Swan Queen, your favorite Once Upon A Time pairing actually says a lot more about you than you might think. After all, we're drawn to what appeals most to our innermost sensibilities. (Yes, I take my television seriously. Deal with it.)

Captain Swan

If Emma and Killian's relationship is what floats your boat (pun totally intended), you probably find yourself attracted to the "bad boy" more often than not, and believe that inside the tough exterior, there's a sappy romantic lurking and just waiting to be uncovered. You also love the idea of a man who'll give you the space you need and not push anything, like Hook's done with Emma throughout their relationship. Nothing is forced, but she knows he's there when she's ready.

Swan Queen

If the seemingly endless amount of natural chemistry that has run between Emma and Regina basically since the Savior arrived in Storybrooke has caught your eye, you're likely an incredibly perceptive person who believes wholeheartedly in redemption, sacrifice, and unconditional loyalty. You believe that opposites not only attract, but that they can also the best possible match. Who says the Savior and the Evil Queen can't be soulmates? Light and dark are complimentary, and you can't have one without the other. I think you see my point.


Prince Charming and Snow White go together like... well, things that go together. If Snowing gets your heart going, you're likely a hopeless romantic that believes true love will overcome all adversity and that you'll find your other half, wherever he or she might be, when the timing is right. You probably value the traditional aspects of courtship like chivalry and grand gestures. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that!


For those that prefer Belle and Rumpelstiltskin's tumultuous relationship, it's likely that you often find yourself attracted to people you know are bad for you but that you love despite the fact that it won't work out. You probably give people more chances than they deserve — and I do mean way, way more — and find yourself drawn to "damaged" goods more often than not. Much like Belle, try to remember that it's not your job to fix people. But if they're willing to do the work themselves, it might be worth sticking around — only you know that for sure.

Outlaw Queen

Regina and Robin Hood have certainly not had an easy time of things. Though he was apparently her soulmate, Regina was never brave enough to go after Robin until it ended up almost being too late. If Outlaw Queen has your heart, you probably thrive on drama and complication and actually prefer it to things being too calm, which can get boring. The push and pull keeps it interesting and ensures you stay engaged with the relationship. You're also strong and believe that no problem is too difficult to overcome in the name of love.

Regal Believer

If romance isn't your game, Regal Believer might be for you. The pairing of Regina and her son Henry and the bond that exists between mother and son is one of the most heartwarming aspects of the show, and if you find yourself moved by their relationship, you probably have a soft spot for children and the way they can change your life. You also probably believe the love of a child and for a child can empower you to do amazing things — and you're probably right.

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