Where Do These 'OUAT' Couples Stand In Season 5?

They say that love conquers all, but will there really be a happy ending in store for some of favorite fairytale couples? Not only did the Season 4 finale of Once Upon a Time leave us on the edge of our seats screaming at our TVs (oh, was that just me?) it also left us with many unanswered questions — like what does Emma Swan becoming the Dark One, aka the Savior becoming the new Big Bad, mean for the fate of Storybrooke and its residents?

Even though Emma finally revealed her true feelings to Hook by saying those three magic words, she kind of ruined the moment by taking a walk on the dark side and letting the entrapping vines of the Dark One consume her — all in an effort to preserve Regina's happiness and her newfound relationship with Robin Hood.

It goes without saying that things are about to get a little (and by a little, I mean a lot) twisted, but what does all of this mean for our favorite 'ships and OTPs on the show? Can Captain Swan overcome this dark spot, or will Emma's dark side overpower their relationship? And don't even get me started on Rumbelle. How will Belle deal with her current love triangle now that Rumple is back to his old self? Let's just say, I have my theories.

Captain Swan

There are definitely two ways this couple's ending could go. Obviously, Emma being the Dark One causes some major complications, what with her being completely evil and all. Not to mention, Hook has had his fair share of difficulties with the Dark One himself. But Hook was once a villain, too. He, of all people, should be able to look past a little darkness.

Wooden Swan

It's obvious Emma and August Booth were getting a little cozy towards the end of the season. Even if it was just as friends, it definitely made Hook a bit jealous. Could Emma's dark side provoke some kind of love triangle between the two guys, or will August get a new love interest this season? (Hopefully, it's the latter, because this guy needs more screen time pronto.)


Assuming Rumple comes out of his magic-less coma, Rumple and Belle will have a fresh start in their relationship. The only thing is that Belle has always been with the powerful Rumplestiltskin. Will she still stay with him now that he doesn't have any magic, even after all he has done to her, or was it the Dark One that she truly loved?

Scarlet Beauty

If all fails for Rumbelle, there's always Will Scarlet. It would actually be a great example of moving on and finding love again. But, first, the writers need to clear up what happened to Will's past love, Anastasia, from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.

Outlaw Queen

The season finale may have left some hope for this 'ship's future, but, sooner or later, Zelena will give birth to her baby. However, Regina loved Henry unconditionally even though he wasn't her biological child; maybe she can do the same with this one. Maybe Regina's kindness is exactly what Zelena needs to turn her envy into compassion.


I honestly don't see too much trouble in paradise for these two, but you really never know with OUAT. Will the feelings of guilt that they were not able to save Emma from the darkness after all be too much of a strain on their marriage? Also, where is baby Neal in all of this?

Henry And (Someone)

Come on people! Henry is not the little boy he was in the first season — he's growing up. Now that he's the Author, he's guaranteed to have more of a storyline (at least I hope he does). A new love interest would be the perfect mix for all of that. Can we please make Henry someone's knight in shining armor already?

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