7 Reasons Kim Kardashian Shouldn't Name Her Second Baby South West Even Though The Internet Has Predicted It

Now that the dust has had time to settle, it's hard to fight the intense excitement that comes along with the knowledge that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a second child. Well, probably. The news, which was announced in the promo for the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, could have been another prank by the reality TV star, but the fact that Kris Jenner congratulated Kim K on her pregnancy is compelling evidence to take her seriously here. Naturally, it didn't take the Internet very long to begin joking that "South West" is on the way — if simply stating the name enough times to get it trending on Twitter counts as a joke — but, in reality, that just seems like a bad idea. In fact, I would argue that Kardashian shouldn't name her baby South West for any reason. However, if she needs clearer reasons against it, allow me to jump in here.

The thing is, the joke of naming the baby South West was only funny for about the first five seconds, and now it's already way past due. North "Nori" West has an interesting enough name all on her own. It's not that I believe they should name the second child Tiffany or Brittany or Ashley or anything else plain and normal compared to a name like North. I just don't think the baby's name should be South, and here's why.

1. They Named North For A Reason... Maybe


In 2013, E! revealed that Kimye had chosen the name North because, "North means highest power. [Kimye] look at her as being their highest point together. Nothing is more special than North. Kim keeps saying, 'She is our North Star.'" All of this came from an anonymous source, and Kardashian later revealed to British GQ that they chose the name because Pharell Williams and Anna Wintour encouraged them to go for it while the baby name rumors were swirling, but public opinion still stands. If North says such important, positive things about little Nori, what would the name South say about their second baby? That she's warm and near the equator? No, thanks.

2. The Joke Is Played Out


Within about five minutes of the joke beginning, it was already driven into the ground. When enough people are asking after South West that it becomes a trending topic on Twitter, then you know that the joke has lost any claim to originality that it might have had. Even more convincingly, Kimye shouldn't name their second child after an Internet joke.

3. It's Not Exactly Original


Giving Nori the birth name North was original, it was trendy, it was the very height of cool and led to people having to reluctantly admit that the name was kind of growing on them. Who knows how many little baby Norths were born after Nori hit the scene? Naming their second baby South would now be following a naming pattern and thus lose the element of surprise, failing to launch any baby name trends.

4. It Doesn't Start With K

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Remember how, like, all the girls in the family have names that start with K? North is a shining exception, but it might be time for Kim K to go back to the family naming tradition and give her second child a K name. Kristina? Karma? Kimye, turning her couple portmanteau into the world's newest, coolest baby name? I am so here for it.

5. Seriously, South Is Not A Name


To be fair, neither is North, but at least Nori is a cute nickname. Soui wouldn't be as cute of a nickname. And calling her Suri wouldn't quite work because, well, we already have a celebrity baby named that. You're already running out of options here, Kim K.

6. They'd Need North's Permission


I think Nori is old enough now to be able to decide whether or not she wants to be the only one with a directional name in their family. And, if I were her, I would choose to remain the one and only North West, because it's my sole claim to fame outside the Kardashian Klan. Let the girl continue to enjoy her years in the baby name spotlight.

7. We'll Have Run Out Of Memes


By the time South West is actually born, the Internet will have exhausted all memes that they can possibly make about the baby. What are we supposed to do after the birth, huh? Just sit around being happy for Kimye? What fun is that? Kardashian and Kanye need to surprise us with another baby name that comes from way out of left field, or else we're all going to be really bored in a few months.

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