9 Super '90s 'Full House' Outfits From D.J. Tanner

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that back in the '90s, Full House was the most beloved family sitcom on TV. From its family-centric plots to its witty one liners, this show is a classic through and through. While it was all the rage in the '90s, watching the series now, you can't help but take notice of D.J. Tanner's unique fashion sense. The eldest Tanner sibling practically embodied the '90s in her fashion, and, 20 years later, watching any given D.J. scene is like taking a trip back in time to when giant flowers on hats were all the rage.

As a '90s kid myself, I personally love everything that the decade had to offer — from the music to the clothes. While Full House may have some super '90s outfits looking back at it now, it truly encompasses everything about the era. And, as the true icons they were, the Tanner girls gave us every bit of '90s fashion — even the stuff we may not want to bring back.

I would argue that '90s fashion is actually making a comeback, but that doesn't mean I'm jonesing to bring back some of the silly outfits from back them, from oversized sweaters to full on shoulder pads. And, as the eldest Tanner girl, it makes sense that D.J. had some of the most outdated looks on the show since she was the one trying all the hot new trends as a teenager and a preteen. It was kind of her job as the older sister to try this stuff out.

So get ready to soak up all the nostalgia you can with these completely D.J. Tanner outfits. You may laugh now, but, in her time, D.J. totally dressed better than all of us.

1. When Her Shirt and Shorts Were Basically The Same Color

I can't tell if that's orange on orange or just orange on red. Either way, it's totally '90s.

2. When She Wore Ever Color Ever In This Sweater

It looks like she's wearing the whole color palette on a sweater.

3. When She Redefined What it Means to Be a "Flower Child"

Actually, everything about this outfit is just so time-period specific, from the flower hat to the matching oversized blazer. And don't even get me started on those jeans.

4. When She Matched Her Socks To Her Shirt

Nevermind the fact that she also matched her younger sister. The real crime here is that she matched her socks to her oversized workout get-up.

5. When She Sported the Classic Jean-On-Jean Look

I'll admit, this outfit isn't actually that bad. Jean on jean is actually pretty common today. (Even Beyonce does it.) But it's still a super nostalgic look.

6. When Her Blazer Had Gold Tassels

It's like Catholic school girl meets Michael Jackson.

7. When She Matched This Sheer Shirt With an Oversized Belt

Nothing screams old trends like high rise jeans and a sheer top. (Then again, American Apparel probably has this look for sale right now.)

8. When Two People Danced on Her Sweater

My main question here is, does the sweater also play music?

9. When She Made Us Clueless Over This Outfit

This is an outfit Cher Horowitz would be proud to own.

Maybe all of D.J.'s looks shouldn't stay in the '90s after all.

Images: Warner Bros. Television (9)