Taylor Swift Needs To Work With Imagine Dragons

If seeing the 1989 crooner in concert isn't amazing enough already, the singer often brings out surprise musical guests to join her onstage. Fans were in for an extra-special treat during her Detroit concert on May 30, when Swift performed "Radioactive" with Imagine Dragons' frontman Dan Reynolds. (Yes, this was the same show where Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt strutted with Swift while she sang "Style.")

While the song is definitely more rock 'n roll than Swift's '80s-infused 1989 tracks, she was all energy as she belted along with Reynolds. She even tackled part of the second verse (and made an inadvertent reference to her last album, Red): "I raise my flag and dye my clothes / It's a revolution, I suppose / We're painted red to fit right in / Whoa."

I thought the fan frenzy in the crowd was at an all-time high at the start of the song, but Swift proved me wrong. During a musical interlude in the middle of "Radioactive," she informed the audience that Reynolds is in the middle of an equally hectic tour schedule — but that he took a brief hiatus to join her onstage. Cue fan meltdowns everywhere.

I'm so obsessed with this performance (if you don't believe me, check it out in the video below) that I want to see Swift and Imagine Dragons work together on an original song. Still iffy? Here are seven reasons their collaboration would be epic.

1. The Chemistry Is Real, Guys

Swift's stage presence is, well, theatrical, to say the least. Between her infamous head-banging at the 2014 Grammys, and her camera-ready dance moves, the pop star is no shrinking violet. Sharing the stage with Reynolds, however, the two worked together and played off of the other's chemistry, leading us to believe that a song would be equally explosive.

2. Next Step in Swift's Musical Evolution

Swift is vocal about never writing the same album twice, which historically translates to her evolving her sound with each project. We've seen her transition from country crooner to pop superstar, so maybe album number six will be more rock-influenced. It would be the perfect outlet for an Imagine Dragons feature. (Hint, hint.)

3. Balance Is Key

As much as I'd love to see the singer venture toward a more rock-infused sound, Heavy Metal Swift might be a bit too intense. However, working with Imagine Dragons would provide an excellent balance for both artists. She could provide the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, while they could bring the cinematic instrumentation to back it up.

4. More Mature Sound

With each new album, Swift sounds older and wiser. (Remember when we thought Red was such a grown-up project?) Imagine Dragons have a maturity that would bring out Swift's wisest musings yet.

5. Swift + Imagine Dragons = One Amazing Tour

A Swift/Imagine Dragons collaboration could set the stage (literally) for an epic co-headlining tour. Think Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, or Beyoncé and Jay Z. Yep.

6. It Would Be A Grammys Shoo-In

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Swift has more more Grammys than she can hold, while the relatively new Imagine Dragons also have a win to their name. Combining powers, there's no way that the collaboration wouldn't get at least one nod.

7. It's All About the Fans

Remember how fans freaked out when Imagine Dragons covered "Blank Space?" The reaction to an original collaboration would be somewhere along those lines, multiplied by a million.

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