Guess Who Was At T. Swift's Latest Concert?

Prepare to feel incredible amounts of FOMO! On Saturday night, Taylor Swift played a concert in Detroit as the latest stop on the 1989 World Tour. Proving she knows how to put on a show, Swift was joined by guest stars galore. First, two of her besties — supermodels Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt — danced with her on stage. Another surprise guest? Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons performed "Radioactive" with T. Swift.

During the song “Style,” Hadid and Hunt strutted the stage’s runway with Swift. It was like the "Bad Blood" music video all over again (which they unintentionally recreated earlier in the day when going out to get Indian food). While dancing together on stage, they basically embodied everybody’s definition of #SquadGoals.

Later on, Swift was joined by Dan Reynolds and they sang their hearts out. Or they "raged," as Tay tweeted after the show. Reynolds also tweeted about the performance with a totally accurate analogy:

thanks for having me @taylorswift13 u are a gem of the rarest kind - like found in stalagmites in the earths core next to t rex bones xxdr

While we all wish we were there, luckily we can live vicariously through the photos Swift and friends shared on Instagram. It's almost exactly like being at the actual concert, right? (Shhh! We can just pretend it’s the same thing.)

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Squad Goals


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