Nothing Is Worse Than Your Work BFF Being Out Sick

If you don't have a work BFF, I don't know how you get up in the morning. Everyone needs the Anne Perkins to their Leslie Knope, the Pam to their Jim, the Barney to their Marshall. There is nothing more cathartic than slamming your bag down at your desk and immediately assaulting your work BFF with the one or two inane things that have happened in the three conscious hours since the last time you saw them, which is why BuzzFeed's video on when your work BFF is out sick resonates with me on a primal level.

I'm going to take this opportunity to mildly guilt trip my work BFF right now, who selfishly decided to get sick last week and was unwilling to compromise the health of everyone in the office to keep me entertained. Whatever. She shouldn't feel bad for all the times I looked up to make Super Sly Work BFF eye contact with her and then held back a little tear. Or all the times I came back from peeing expecting her to be there. Or all the times I had to physically type the things I wanted to say to her instead of saying them out loud. SHE SHOULDN'T FEEL BAD ABOUT ANY OF THOSE THINGS, BECAUSE I WAS FINE, IT WAS COOL, IT WAS WHATEVER. NO, YOU CALM DOWN.

While I finish reeling from the loss of a full eight hour day of pestering my work BFF (who is healed, by the way, probably thanks to me annoying her so much—you're WELCOME), I can take some comfort in knowing I'm not alone on this struggle bus. Here are a few of the emotional stages of your work BFF being out sick:

The initial shock and immediate despair

The loss of your ability to "can even"

The saddest lunch break ever

Basketball so emotional it puts High School Musical to shame

Alas, nothing is quite as glorious as a BFF reunion, which is chronicled in beautifully dramatic detail here:

Better than any dumb old fairy tale I've ever read, TBH.

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