7 Different Ways To Make Ramen Taste Better — Because Your Noodles Have Been Looking A Little Boring Lately

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The best part about your favorite cup o' noodles is that it never has to be boring — there are countless different ways to make ramen ridiculously good. I remember my first cup of ramen. It was freshman year of college, and I'd just returned from a particularly rambunctious evening in Allston, Massachusetts. And while I might not remember the night's preceding activities, I remember that life-altering bite: Salty... filling... that flavor you can't quite describe, but instantly leaves you wanting more.

But now that I'm four years out of college, people expect me to class things up — my frequent choice of late night noodles suddenly came under fire. So I developed these seven simple hacks — like adding crushed peanuts or tortilla soup toppings — to help transition this beloved dish into adulthood.

The best part? Not one of these hacks will take more than five minutes, so it stays as convenient as always.

*I was diagnosed with Celiacs in 2010, and now use soba noodles in chicken broth instead of instant ramen. It's an incredibly simple gluten-free adjustment.

Image: Steamy Kitchen

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