37 Emotional Stages Of Being In Boston Right Now

When, in January, I left my home in New York to come back to school in Boston, there were a few things I expected from my final semester of college: fun nights out with my friends. A handful of easy classes. Plenty of rides on the T. Several months of roaming around the city, exploring new areas and revisiting old favorites. It all seemed reasonable enough, right? Wrong. My first month back in Boston in 2015 has been absolutely nothing like I predicted, and it's only getting crazier by the second.

There's been blizzard after blizzard, with mountains of snow piling up on the streets. Classes have been cancelled left and right; over a month into the semester, I still haven't had a full week of school. The T has barely been working, meaning that many days have been spent either riding in Ubers, or, more often than not, staying indoors. And, perhaps most shockingly of all, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, and the city erupted into messy, exuberant chaos.

To call Boston this February unpredictable would be an understatement; a "ridiculous, unfair, absolutely insane emotional whirlwind" would probably be a better way to describe what us Bostonians have been going through these past few weeks. Below, the 37 stages of being a college student in Boston this past February:

Being Excited Over the Brand New Month

I was only in Boston for two weeks this January, but it was pretty boring — the most exciting day was when Girl Scout Cookies started selling in Harvard Square. We're all ready for the new month of Superbowl parties, Valentine's Day celebrations, and gorgeous, wintery weather.

Dismissing the First Snow Showers

Oh, there's going to be some snow? That's fine! January was mostly pretty mellow, anyway.

Being Ecstatic Over the Patriots Winning the Super Bowl

We did it! This is amazing! I don't really care about sports but everyone's excited so I am too!

Learning Boston Schools are Closed

No class the day after the Superbowl? This is too wonderful to be true. Let the parties continue!

Hearing People Shout "I Love Boston!" Everywhere You Go

This city is the best. I never want to leave!

Feeling Disappointed At Having To Go Back to School When It's Still Gross Out

Ugh, why can't they just give us the whole week off? This is so unfair. There's ice on the ground!

Watching the Super Bowl Parade

Man, it'd be nice if I could actually see Tom Brady instead of a 10-foot-tall pile of snow, but what can ya do.

Experiencing the First T Delays

Six minutes until the next Ashmont train comes?! This is outrageous.

Stepping Through the Slush

This is so gross. Nothing can be worse than trudging through some day-old slush on the way to the train.

Wondering Why The Snow Is Still There

It's been a couple of days since the last snowstorm, so why is there still so much snow on the ground? You'd think Boston would be prepared for winter weather.

Hearing About the Next Storm Coming

Oh great, another one? Two storms in one month is kind of ridiculous.

Learning That Class is Cancelled Again

Another snow day? This is kind of silly, but I guess you can't complain about being given free time, right?

Being Informed the T is Still Open

Yes! Could you imagine how terrible it'd be if the T stopped running during a snow day?!

Exploring Outside, Part 1

This is amazing! Why aren't we all sledding and skiing and making snowmen on Beacon Hill?! Winter is the BEST.

Exploring Outside, Part 2

I can't feel my face and there is water in my boots and I am being pelted with snow every time I open my eyes. I am never leaving the house again.

Getting Another Snow Day

Oh my god. This is getting insane. Is this semester even real?

Hearing That the T's Not Running

This can't be real. SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Constantly Repeating "This Isn't Happening"

"Like, this is ridiculous. It's not happening. I mean, IT'S NOT HAPPENING."

Drinking Away the Anger

Jack Daniels, we're going to get very well acquainted these next few days.

Realizing How Frustrated Your Teachers Are, Too

Case in point: an email I get from a professor with the heading "I give up."

Starting to Miss School

I like class. I like learning things. I like seeing my classmates. Too bad I'll never get to do any of these things ever again.

Prepping to Return

Did I have homework? Am I supposed to bring a textbook? Do I even remember where my classes are?

Experiencing Delays For the Rest of the Week

Just kidding, none of that matters, because it's going to be days before I get off the T and make it to campus.

Remembering You Left a Bike/Car/Person Somewhere On The Street

See you in the spring?

Getting Back to Routine

Wake up, dress warmly, slush through snow, go to class. I can get used to this.

Learning About the New Blizzard

No. Just... no.

Seeing The Snow Start on Valentine's Day

Hey, maybe this will be romantic. Optimism, people!

Realizing It Means The T Will Be Closed That Night

So you're saying all those people that are currently in my apartment will be stuck there the next two days? Oh.

Getting More Stir-Crazy With Every Passing Moment

If I don't get out of this apartment in the next 24 hours, I will punch someone. Or cry.

Discovering the Grocery Store is Out of Alcohol

Literally, there is no alcohol left. This is the apocalypse.

Resisting the Urge to Google Temperatures in L.A.

I will not do it I will not do it I will not — 75 degrees? I hate everything.

Finally Getting to Leave the Apartment

Freedom! Fresh air! Snow that's hitting my face so hard it's making me cry! I'm going back inside, now.

Hearing About All The Make-Up Days Now Scheduled

Class every Saturday from now until April? Sounds great!

Learning That the Green Line is Basically Destroyed

See ya never, Allston.

Seeing This Map and Crying From Recognition

It just gets me.

Getting Your Fourth New Syllabus of the Semester

So we're skipping chapters one-four, combining all of March into one week, and forgoing everything past 1900? Got it.

Realizing It's Only Halfway Through the Month

Can someone show me those L.A. temperatures again? I'm moving to California.

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