What Will Caitlyn Jenner's Doc-Series Tell Us?

Caitlyn Jenner is finally ready for the world to meet her. The 65-year-old has graced the cover of Vanity Fair for their June issue, shot by the renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce, sat down with Diane Sawyer in April to talk about her struggles with her gender identity, and her decision to finally transition into presenting publicly as the woman she has always identified as. Rumors have been circling since Friday about Jenner appearing on Vanity Fair's June cover, and the stunning photographs are finally here.

During her April interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner confirmed her participation in an eight-part documentary series for E! chronicling her transition into presenting as a woman. The series will premiere Sunday, July 26 at 9 p.m. Since Jenner announced the doc-series when she was still presenting as a man and going by "Bruce," the series will probably begin in the midst of her transition. Jenner has always been adamant about the fact that she is not sharing her journey for the purposes of fame. Instead, she wants to help members of the LBGTQ community who are struggling with their own gender identity. We all watched as the paparazzi relentlessly hounded Caitlyn Jenner for the last several months. Hopefully, the E! doc-series will take a look at how she has dealt with the invasion in her privacy, as well as how some of the negativity has affected her.

Much of the doc-series might also deal with the medical aspects of transitioning. In the Diane Sawyer interview, Jenner said that she had previously been transitioning via hormone therapy in the years prior to meeting and marrying Kris Jenner. After ending her marriage, Jenner returned to the transitioning process. Undergoing the physical transformation was surely an emotional process, even if the best doctors were involved in the experience.

In her ABC interview, Jenner also discussed how her family handled the news of her coming out. Despite a bit of surprise at first, they have all been extremely supportive. It will be interesting to see different members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan interacting with Caitlyn. So many members of the transgender community are ostracized from their families, and this would be a wonderful opportunity to show that all families aren't like that.

In the Vanity Fair behind-the-scenes video, Caityln Jenner reflected on her time as an Olympian,

"I was probably at the games because I was running away from a lot of things. Very, very proud of the accomplishment, I don't want to diminish that accomplishment. The last few days of doing this shoot was about my life and who I am as a person. It's not about the fanfare, it's not about people cheering in the stadium, it's not about going down the street and everybody giving me a, 'That a boy Bruce' pat on the back. This is about your life. Bruce always had to tell a lie. He was always living that lie, every day he always had a secret from morning 'til night. Caitlyn doesn't have any secrets. Soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I'm free."

EVP of Programming and Development at E! Jeff Ode told Deadline back in April (when Jenner was still going by male pronouns),

"This series will present an unfiltered look as Bruce boldly steps into uncharted territory and is true to himself for the first time.”

No matter what part of her journey Caitlyn Jenner decides to share with us, it will certainly be an amazing journey to watch. Check out the behind the scenes video below.

Image: Vanity Fair/YouTube