The Most Impressive Balloon Animals Ever

I don't like run-ins with clowns. I'm not saying I have a specific, clown-related phobia, but I'm not dying to crash a child's birthday party any time soon. (I'm just hoping there isn't a part two in the adventure of Wasco the clown's California invasion. That was BIZARRE.) And speaking of bizarre clown related paraphernalia, incredibly detailed balloon animals are a weird thing that exists. Balloon animals are a creepy concept in general—one that even 5-year-olds shouldn't be on board with. And also, EVERY ANIMAL EVER just looks like a hot dog because they use those really long balloons. Am I the only one that thinks those balloons look completely phallic?

Anyway, if you for some reason see the allure of balloon animals, maybe Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto will bring you to the light. He's taking balloon animals and elevating them to an art form. A weird, but nonetheless impressive, art form.

The artistry behind these balloons is detailed and doesn't involve tape or markers. It's PURE balloon artistry. Matsumoto runs two Tumblrs showing off his balloon art—one for animals and one for other characters. (The characters have marker embellishments and are actually dramatic and awesome looking.)

Here are the best of his balloon animals. (Not suitable for people with clown or insect phobias.)

A creepy crawly

Creepy and crawly and all made out of a balloon.

Bugs, bugs, bugs

I appreciate his detailing, I just never have a positive reaction to balloon bugs. Sorry.

A fierce bull

Now THIS I'm on board with.

His characters are 800% better, in my opinion:

Stuffed animal sabotage

Vaguely looks like there's blood on the pink animal...

A pink warrior girl

Future spirit animal.

A sage owl

How did he not design the Hootsuite logo?

You might want to consider balloon animals for your next party. A word to the wise though, warn your guests ahead of time.