What's Next For Maxlor On 'Finding Carter'?

The struggle is so real, Maxlor fans. It wasn't bad enough that during last Tuesday's Finding Carter , Max and Carter hooked up after her emotional trip to visit Lori, but during this week's episode, they told everyone but Taylor about it. OK, fine, Carter didn't really mean for everyone to find out and Max really did want to tell Taylor so that they could move past it, but neither of those things happened. But we know for absolutely certain that Taylor won't be able to forgive Max when he finally does tell her — so, will he?

He might've told Carter that he intended to tell her because he can't be with her until she knows the truth, but everyone saw the fear in Max's eyes when Taylor told him that she couldn't forgive him for sleeping with Bird even after she admitted to sleeping with Ofe and Max forgave her right away. Somehow, I can't see Taylor being more forgiving if she were to find out that it was actually her sister that Max slept with and not Bird. I mean, obviously Carter and Max didn't hook up with the intention of something more — no one 'ships Maxlor harder than Carter — but that doesn't make it any less of a thing.

At the end of Tuesday's episode, "Rumor Has It," Taylor finds Carter's necklace in the bed of Max's truck and he just looks at her with those tragic, heartbreaking puppy eyes he's got and says nothing. So, what will he do? There's promise for a Maxlor reunion only if he keeps the secret of his hook up with Carter to his grave, but it really doesn't seem like he can live with the guilt of not being honest with Taylor. And, even though Carter tossed around the idea of keeping the secret if it meant not hurting Taylor, even she's come around to the fact that Taylor really does need to know.

So, will Max tell Taylor? And, if he does, what does that mean for Maxlor? Clearly we're all going to be waiting — painfully — until next Tuesday to find out.

Of all people, Max and Carter should know the danger of keeping secrets in the Wilson family. It never ends well.

Images: MTV; youlooksuperfly/Tumblr