Did Max & Carter Hook Up On 'Finding Carter'? Maxlor Is Probably Dunzo Now

OK, we need to just stop for one second. Because, while things might be falling apart for everyone in the Wilson family, nothing is falling apart quite like Maxlor and I really can't imagine a world without them. Even after Max and Carter hooked up on Finding Carter on Tuesday night's episode "I Knew You Were Trouble." Trouble might be an understatement here and, thankfully, it seems like Carter and Max already know that they made a HUGE mistake. Can Taylor ever forgive them, though? And, more importantly, should she forgive them?

The Maxlor 'shipper in me is screaming that Taylor should forgive Max because nothing's as good as when these two are together. But, honestly, I can't expect Taylor to do that — she's been through so much already on Season 2 and she's having a hard enough time trusting the people in her life. The reality of this situation is that, yes, Carter and Max probably had sex and they have a lot of explaining to do. But, at the very least, they seem to already have an understanding that it can never and will never happen again. That's a start, right?

However, Maxlor fans shouldn't start counting on a reunion just yet. In the preview for next Tuesday's episode, it looks like Carter and Max will both take the plunge and confess to Taylor about what they've done and I really don't see Taylor understanding. Sure, she was able to get past the fact that Max and Carter dated during her "old life," but this is something else. Taylor just vowed to be a better sister to Carter during this rough time with Lori and this is what she's going to get hit with? Taylor's been off the rails through most of Season 2 and she finally seems like she's getting some stable ground again — clearly, that's not going to last for long.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be off dreaming of a world where Max and Carter never hooked up and Maxlor will live forever like the beautiful 'ship they're meant to be.

Image: MTV