Amy Schumer Strips For Dogs In New Hilarious Clip

Have I shouted in your face yet today about how much I love Amy Schumer? I think I might have been able to hold my tongue thus far, but I just got a glimpse of her the newest Inside Amy Schumer video featuring her stripping for dogs, and now I can't stay silent any more. I LOVE AMY SCHUMER!!! There, that feels way better. In the sketch, Schumer plays a stripper who shows up at a guy's house to dance at his bachelor party, only to find that the dude has hired her to strip for his dog, not for him — because he's organized a dog wedding for the next day. (Really hoping that it's the same dog wedding from last season of Broad City, and that we have some elaborate crossover episode coming up.)

Anyway, Schumer sexily dancing for a room full of dogs including an insulted pug, a handsy (or should it be paws-y?) poodle, and a yawning collie represents everything I love about her. Not only is the concept of a human trying to turn a dog on with dancing inherently hilarious, but Schumer takes it even further by having her bouncer tell her that she's "losing the room." Oh, and the fact that her fellow stripper immediately grabs a condom and takes the bachelor dog upstairs. And that Schumer is only doing this so she can afford a color printer.

It's so amazing and self-deprecating and perfect — please watch it and love it as much as I do. I'm obsessed with anyone who doesn't take themselves seriously, a demographic that Amy Schumer is currently reigning over like a queen. Please never change, Amy. You're perfect.

Image: YouTube