'UnREAL' May Remind You Of A Certain Dating Show

Does the world need another reality dating show? That's debatable, but it definitely needs a scripted series about a reality show, which is exactly what it has in UnREAL. Lifetime's new series follows a production team from day one of filming a dating show called Everlasting. (The fact that Everlasting hasn't been used for an IRL dating reality show by 2015 is just a shame.) From the dashing bachelor to the large group of women hoping to win his heart, UnREAL will definitely remind you of The Bachelor , and it will surely make you think about what might really happen behind the scenes of dating shows.

Although the show-within-the-show doesn't explicitly say, "Hey, aren't we a lot like The Bachelor?" Everlasting seems to be very much inspired by the huge ABC hit. You'll notice within seconds of the first episode the similarities between the fictional and real dating series. Even though Everlasting is completely fictional and part of a scripted series, it might cause you to see The Bachelor and Bachelorette a little differently.

Following a crew of terrifyingly manipulative producers, UnREAL is definitely telling a story you've never seen before, however the story those producers get for Everlasting is very familiar. Here are some of the similarities you might notice between Everlasting and The Bachelor.

There's An Eligible Bachelor

Everlasting's bachelor, Adam, is a hotel mogul. As we know, The Bachelor loves a mogul.

There Is A Rose Ceremony, Of Sorts

Instead of receiving roses, the women on Everlasting are given diamond bracelets that will be taken away from them when they're eliminated. Everlasting must have a pretty huge budget to buy every single contestant flashy jewelry.

Everyone Wants Some Private Time

If you love The Bachelor contestants vying for a little alone time with The Bachelor, you'll feel right at home with the women of Everlasting vying for one-on-one hangouts with Adam.

The Entrances Are So The Bachelor

No one rides in on a cupcake, but there's violin playing and hardcore make-outs when the women emerge from their horse-drawn carriage on Everlasting.

There Is A Villain

Who will probably make you wonder if you were too harsh on the various Bachelor/ette villains that we've seen over the years.

Every Contestant Has A "Thing"

Everyone on Everlasting has some signature quality for the audience to associate them with. For example, one woman is labeled as the "desperate MILF," while another is known for being a virgin. I'm sure you could look back at any season of The Bachelor and immediately recall what stood out about each contestant.

There Are A Lot Of Tears

It wouldn't be a dating show without some tears, would it?

Now all Everlasting needs is to be called the most dramatic dating reality show on TV by Chris Harrison, and UnREALwill have created the ultimate Bachelor parody.

Images: James Dittiger; Giphy (7)