7 Jennifer Lawrence Facial Expressions That Work For Every Situation You Come Across

It's quite possible you could go through life holding up photos of Jennifer Lawrence in front of your face and still convey every single emotion a human being could possibly have in 70 or 80 years. The 24-year-old Serena actress is transparent when it comes to her feelings and has never been one to bottle up her thoughts or prevent them from wandering across her face in a way that produces a slow trickle of goofy grins, awkward shrieks, and sweet, silly smiles — and sometimes all three within a three-minute time frame.

Who can forget J. Law's adorable "Did I do that?" face when she tripped up the stairs while accepting an award at the 2013 Oscars. Or that time she met Kim Kardashian and couldn't contain her excitement because she's just a regular girl at the end of the day who loves her some Kimye. The entire 2014 SAG Awards could be renamed "The Jennifer Lawrence Facial Extravaganza" (good lord, I don't mean anything dirty by that) and no one would bat an eyelash — her expressions are that powerful.

The next time you're unsure of how you feel — confused by the emotions that are raging a war inside of your body — have a look at one of these J. Law faces and determine whether it's the right one for your current state of mind.

1. "Whatever, man" Face

Times you should use this expression: It's 3 a.m., you're in the club, and everyone else wants to go home. And you're like, whatever, man, I can easily down another seven shots — I don't feel a thing. Plus, this music and those lights and my shoes are too good not to be seen. My morning appointment? Whatever, man. They made Tylenol for that.

2. "You want me to do WHAT?" Face

Times you should use this expression: Your friend tries to convince you to attend your high school reunion. Someone hands you a piece of pizza topped with Chia seeds. You're up late at night and the only thing on TV is an Adam Sandler marathon.

3. "Please, please, please make him go away" Face

Times you should use this expression: Remember when poor J. Law felt like she was being stalked by a much, much older Jack Nicholson? Admit it: that's how you feel every time you're out with friends. Some non-Jack Nicholson makes a move and this is the exact face for the occasion.

4. "No, no, no. I said NO" Face

Times you should use this expression: You have resting nice face and no one takes you seriously. Assert yourself by showing, with every muscle in your face, that you are absolutely NOT going on that stupid blind date with that guy with whom your friend is dead set on setting you up. Shout your words if you have to and shake your bob — whatever gets people listening.

"I'm hot but I don't need to use my hotness" Face

Times you should use this expression: A man is focused on how hot you are and you're afraid your many other merits and talents are going unnoticed. Quickly pull a fake hot wink and make it clear you're far too cool to take conventional sexiness seriously.

"Maybe I can disappear while still standing here" Face

Times you should use this expression: You're taking part in a conversation that has become too weird for words. It would be totally rude to walk away, but maybe, if you spin around and wish really hard, you can vanish into thin air.

"Pure, unbridled happiness" Face

Times you should use this expression: Right now. Because you're alive, life is beautiful, and Jennifer Lawrence would want you to feel this same way.

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