6 Signs Chris & Whitney Were Going To Break Up, Because We Should Have Seen This Coming

"This is The Bachelor, of course they weren't going to last," said everyone, ever, when the news broke that The Bachelor 's Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff had called off their engagement. Even I was guilty of a "That didn't take long" text to my group text of friends who I watch the show with. And, while The Bachelor doesn't have the best track record for successful relationships, "This is The Bachelor" isn't the only sign that Chris and Whitney were going split. Sadly, this was something that we should have seen coming.

When Chris signed on to dazzle us on Dancing with the Stars (read: move on a dance floor), I immediately thought, "Uh-oh, he's going Hollywood." We've seen it before (Jake and Vienna is a prime example) when a couple reaches their peak fame on The Bachelor and then one, or both of them, tries to keep the "celebrity" going by doing other reality-based TV shows. I don't know if this is a real sign — even though I think of Dancing with the Stars as the kiss of disco death for any Bachelor or Bachelorette — but it was just another thing to add to a list of signs they weren't going to make it. Here are six more.

1. He Didn't Know Who To Pick

Chris said he had no idea who to pick going into the final rose ceremony. Can you hear that? That's every alarm in a three block radius going off screaming, "THIS WON'T WORK!" Plus, I was always rooting for Chris and Jimmy Kimmel.

2. Whitney Was Mysteriously Absent From DWTS

She was there for the earlier episodes, but as Chris moved on further into the competition — how? I don't know — Whitney wasn't shown in the audience. Now, I know Whitney has a job and shouldn't be this symbol of Chris' manhood by having her look pretty in the audience, but her absence did at least spark some rumors.

3. They Hadn't Moved In Together

Sometimes schedules get messy and moving in is, like, the biggest pain in the ass ever, but it's still could have been a sign.

4. Whitney's Got A Kick Ass Career

Whitney has an awesome job of "makin' babies" in Chicago, and I don't think girlfriend wanted to give that up. It's an incredible career. She wouldn't have had that opportunity in Iowa.

5. They Don't Really Know Each Other

In a People interview, the couple played a game answering questions on how well they know each other. The results were tragic. If anything was a foreshadowing, this might be it.

6. The Social Media Silence

Whitney hadn't posted anything about her and Chris for three weeks before the break-up news came out. I don't know if that means much, but sometimes silence speaks louder than words (deep Bachelor thoughts, right?).