Xpoz's "Bottomless Bottoms" Jeans Are A Thing You Can Have In Your Closet, If You Dare

When it comes to fashion, I really do try to keep an open mind. But when Styleite revealed Xpoz Jeans faded bottomless bottoms, my jaw dropped. I'm all about the "you do you" vibe when it comes to clothes, but creating a style that intentionally exposes your entire booty seems a little unnecessary and also like a legit health risk.

As a proud lover of granny panties, bottomless jeans with a built in thong line honestly seem like my worst nightmare on steroids. Like, if Hitchcock decided to be a fashion designer, this is what he would give me for Christmas. I find it hard to believe model Alicia Arden chose to kiss the jeans of her own free will in one of the promo photos.

Also, can we stop and talk about all of the times these jeans could potentially be a disaster? For one, there's no barrier between you and, well, anything. I personally don't trust the New York subway with my bare booty. Two, can you even imagine the horror of having your period while wearing these? While there is nothing wrong or shameful about periods, having no barrier to prevent me from straight up bleeding on things sounds way less than awesome. I'm sorry Xpoz, but your jeans are one fashion statement I personally won't be making.

Image Credit: Xpoz Jeans