15 Plus Size Denim Shorts Under $50 That Will Have Your Thighs Proudly On Display All Summer Long

Don’t let yourself be fooled: Plus size denim shorts do exist, and they will look good on you. I can understand how it’s easy to think otherwise. Not only do the shaming masses indicate that fat girls just be fattin' too hard to wear denim, but almost all plus-size retailers take photos of their plus-size denim inventory on thin models. Really, guys?

In my life, I’ve spent years hemming and hawing over whether or not I should wear denim shorts. Would they be comfortable enough on me? Would they look cute? Would my ass and tummy feel too constrained and explode out of them, sending bits of distressed denim into the horrified crowd like shrapnel? Most importantly, would I like them?

Turns out, I love denim shorts, and I own three pairs. In denim, I’m a size 20. My thighs rub together and my belly protrudes out of them like a wee denim throw pillow. And you know what? I look great. Since I love the look so much, I’ve put together a slideshow of the cutest plus-size denim shorts that you can buy for under $50. As I mentioned before, you might be discouraged by the fact that none of these shorts are actually modeled on women over a size 14. Thank goodness we have this magnificent photo of Her Denim Hotness Tess Holliday to start us off.

Images: tessholliday/Instagram

The Neon Short-Short

These little hot pants are short, tight, and brightly colored. In other words, they’re everything your thighs need to stand out. Charlotte Russe sells these in a variety of shades for every style.

Plus Size High Waist Denim “Shortie” Shorts in Neon, $28,

The Little Hearted Short

I don’t usually go for a heart print, but there’s something about the tiny hearts and mellow acid wash of these beauties that has piqued my interest. Pair them with a heart tee to take your themed dressing game to the next level.

Torrid Skinny Short Shorts — Heart Printed Acid Wash, $39,

The Embroidered Boho Short

These shorts are on the pricier side, but I love the embroidered detailing on the thigh. I would pair these with a monochrome geometric patterned tee and a pair of cute ankle booties.

Embroidered Denim Shorts, $50,

The Black Floral Cutoff Short

The black floral embroidery on these shorts adds a nice visual interest to an otherwise run-of-the mill denim short. Even with the detailing, they are simple enough to wear all summer long.

Black Floral Embroidered Denim, $24,

The High-Waisted Utility Short

I own these, and they fit perfectly.They aren’t very short, so you can wear them without risk of underbutt. I also enjoy the fact that they keep my legs from coming into contact with the seats on the subway.

Exclusive Denim Short With High Waist, $45,

The Soft Chambray Short

Because let’s face it: Sometimes, a waistband is just too much to bear. These drawstring chambray shorts are soft, loose, and provide maximum comfort. Basically, it’s a jean short without all the weird marks they tend to leave on your body.

Chambray Drawstring Shorts, $25,

The White Cuffed Denim Short

I love a white short, even though I can’t really trust myself to not stain them immediately. If you are a more graceful person than I, this pair is definitely one to consider.

White 5” Cuffed Denim Shorts, $18,

The Dip Dyed Short

How cute are these dip-dyed babies? I love the idea of pairing them with a white tank, or just a floral bikini top.

Sunny Days Dip-Dyed Cutoffs, $20,

The Boyfriend Short

The world of “boyfriend wear” can be a minefield for plus-size women (not to mention the fact that the term is kind of dumb). Also, I’d like to add that I could probably fit my actual boyfriend’s shorts around my calf, and that’s it. However, these particular boyfriend shorts have just the right amount of “boyfriendy” looseness.

Calvin Boyfriend Shorts, $31,

The Extra Long Cuffed Denim Short

Old Navy offers their shorts in 5” and 9” inseams, and these are just a touch longer. They work perfectly for people who don’t want to continuously pull their shorts out of their vaginas. Personally, I don’t mind.

9” Women’s Cuffed Denim Shorts, $35,

The High-Waisted Basic Denim Short

If you like a higher waist on your shorts, these are the perfect pair. I especially like high-waisted denim with a button fly — if you’re going to have that high of a rise, why add some buttons to your belly?

New Look Inspire high waist short, $32,

The "You Won't Believe They're Not Cutoffs" Cutoff Short

These have all the charm of your favorite jeans-turned-cutoff, but spare you all the work of fraying. These are classic, comfortable, and basically go with everything.

High Waist Ridley Cut Off Denim Short in Washed Black, $45,

The Loose And Light Short

These baggy, cuffed shorts have just the right tone of light blue denim and just the right amount of slouch. Consider wearing these the next Sunday morning you spend eating a massive brunch.

Turn Up Denim Short in Brooklyn Light Wash, $50,

The Practical Longline Short

For whatever reason, sometimes you just don’t want your thighs exposed (when biking, I get crazy thigh sunburns). These shorts are a great, slightly longer alternative, and they look perfect with a pair of white Chuck Taylors.

Blue Light Wash Midi Shorts, $32,

The Classic Medium Wash Midi Short

This is a great denim short option for those who like to keep things simple. I’m also a fan of the medium wash that seems to go with just about everything.

Midi Denim Shorts, $25,