15 Plus Size Denim Shorts Under $50 That Will Have Your Thighs Proudly On Display All Summer Long

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Don’t let yourself be fooled: Plus size denim shorts do exist, and they will look good on you. I can understand how it’s easy to think otherwise. Not only do the shaming masses indicate that fat girls just be fattin' too hard to wear denim, but almost all plus-size retailers take photos of their plus-size denim inventory on thin models. Really, guys?

In my life, I’ve spent years hemming and hawing over whether or not I should wear denim shorts. Would they be comfortable enough on me? Would they look cute? Would my ass and tummy feel too constrained and explode out of them, sending bits of distressed denim into the horrified crowd like shrapnel? Most importantly, would I like them?

Turns out, I love denim shorts, and I own three pairs. In denim, I’m a size 20. My thighs rub together and my belly protrudes out of them like a wee denim throw pillow. And you know what? I look great. Since I love the look so much, I’ve put together a slideshow of the cutest plus-size denim shorts that you can buy for under $50. As I mentioned before, you might be discouraged by the fact that none of these shorts are actually modeled on women over a size 14. Thank goodness we have this magnificent photo of Her Denim Hotness Tess Holliday to start us off.

Images: tessholliday/Instagram

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