27 Plus Size Denim Items That'll Make You Totally Reevaluate This Classic Material

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Something I have noticed amongst plus-size friends and acquaintances is that denim has basically become taboo. The culprit: jeans.

Though a staple in 21st century culture, jeans are avoided at shopping malls and tossed aside into fashion oblivion. The cause of this fueling hatred is, of course, that most jeans tend to show off, and cling onto, your legs and derriere, and create a visible belly outline on top of that — something a lot of fuller-figured women try their best to conceal.

Fashion preferences are obviously unique person-to-person, but it seems the more plus-size women avoid jeans, the more they avoid denim in general. And the 90's kid in me wants to cry out and make everyone watch The Cosby Show and Full House so they can note the amazing denim dresses and rompers and shorts that Vanessa Huxtable and D.J. Tanner rocked in every other episode.

In an ideal world, body confidence will begin to soar and plus-size women will feel comfortable wearing whatever they want. In the meantime, though, I thought I'd highlight some amazing denim looks, featuring dresses, tops, shorts, skirts and yes, jeans, to give some love back to this amazing, classic and comfy material that should be a must of any wardrobe.

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