Thanks Ying Yang Twins, Now There's A Song About Miley Cyrus' Ass

In case you were worried that Miley Cyrus' backside wasn't getting enough attention following the release of her music video "We Can't Stop," rest assured, the Ying Yang twins have things covered.

That is real. As in the dudes who brought us "Wait (The Whisper Song)" have now made "doing the Miley Cyrus" an actual thing. Wasn't her ENTIRE VIDEO montage to her own ass enough? Watch this:

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

If you're not gagging on Cyrus' ass right now you should go get a check-up. It's just... a lot considering that five years ago she was actually on the Disney Channel. I get that the Ying Yang Twins saw a niche in pop culture and jumped right in, but whoa guys. Just whoa.