At The 2015 CFDA Awards, Flats Were The Red Carpet Shoe Of Choice For Karlie Kloss, The Olsens, & More

Karlie Kloss is really, really hard to dislike. She's sweet, smart, talented, and hangs out with Taylor Swift a lot. What's not to like? So when Kloss stepped out on the 2015 CFDA red carpet in flats instead of heels, my love for her grew even more. Take that, stupid Cannes no-heels-on-red-carpet rules. And if Karlie Kloss, a supermodel known for sky-high stilettos, can rock a pair of flats on the red carpet, then rules really shouldn't apply to anyone, right? And Kloss wasn't the only celebrity to sport a pair of flat shoes on the CFDA red carpet, either. Fashion icon Betsey Johnson wore a pair of sneakers with her glam look, and other chic celebs rocked flat sneakers and boots. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Johnson was being presented with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 CFDA Awards, and still chose to pair her striped jumpsuit with some casual sneakers. The bottom line? Glamorous occasions don't always call for heels. The only rule you should have to follow is what is comfortable for you and what makes you feel confident. For Johnson and Kloss, the CFDA red carpet was a night when they chose to wear flats and, hey, why shouldn't it be?

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who else wore flats on the red carpet and looked completely amazing? None other than the Olsen twins. Given that the Olsens are pretty much on the cutting edge of everything trendy, their choice of flats was only further confirmation that flats on the red carpet is a trend that's here to stay, guys.

Another wonderful thing about the Olsen twins wearing flats on the red carpet? They're petite. Karlie Kloss stands at 6'1, and many have addressed the fact that she's wearing heels by associating the choice with her height—by saying that she doesn't need the extra inches from heels anyway, but the Olsen twins proved that whether they "need" the extra height or not is irrelevant. Flats are chic. End of story.

Ballet flats on the red carpet aren't your thing? No worries. Helen Lasichanh, Pharrel's wife, wore some chic, flat combat boots with her red carpet look and the entire ensemble is as fashionable as it gets.

Here's to hoping Cannes is feeling pretty dumb right about now about their silly rules and that more celebrities feel comfortable and confident rocking flats, heels, or anything in between on the red carpet.

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