22 Cool Pizza Tattoos So Perfect They'll Make You Hungry

I'm not big on tattoos of food (they tend to look... odd), but there is one food tattoo trend I can fully get behind: pizza tattoos. Pizza is such a magical dish that it can basically do no wrong. Pizza can come in any form imaginable — edible or not — and I would still look at it and feel what is probably too much affection to feel towards an inanimate object. Don't judge me! I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about this delicious little slice of heaven.

Now, I know that a pizza tattoo might sound weird. Maybe you're sitting there thinking that it's way too over-the-top to have your favorite food inked onto your skin for the rest of your life. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say you only feel that way because you haven't seen how truly awesome a pizza tat can be. It might sound silly and ridiculous, but when it's done correctly, it ends up looking awesome, fun, different, and yeah, pretty mouth-watering.

Don't believe me? Check out the examples below. Or check them out if you have an undeniable love for pizza. Or maybe you need inspiration for your own cool pizza tat! I don't know. Just don't look at this if you're starving, because I can promise it will make you even hungrier. Actually, who cares? We could all use more pizza in our lives. Here are 22 pizza tattoos so cool they'll make you want to go out and buy a slice right now:

1. Cheesy, pepperoni goodness


2. Pizza + Cats = Perfection

Seriously, how do you top this?

3. In Crust We Trust

Because pizza is basically religion.

4. The Couple's Tattoo

What better way to immortalize your love than with pizza?

5. A Giant Pizza Heart

Just when you thought there wasn't a better way to declare your love, this came along.

6. Pizza Till I Die

At least you know pizza will always be there for you.

7. BFF Pizzas

In case you were looking for the perfect little tattoo to get with your bestie... this is it.

8. An Ode To Papa Roach

The lyrics are so much better when you look at them this way, huh?

9. Best In The World

I'm not sure what this is referring to, but I do know I want to eat it.

10. Mutant Pizza

Just when you thought pizza couldn't get any cooler...

11. A Dedication Of Love

(To pizza, of course)

12. Party Pizza

Because who doesn't love parties and pizza?!

13. A Crab Eating Pizza

I don't know what's going on here, but... I'm intrigued.

14. Pizza Hearts For Couples

As if these pizza hearts couldn't get any cuter, they come as a matching set.

15. The Mom Pizza Tattoo

Getting a tat for your mom? Why not make it pizza!

16. A Pizza Family Crest

Can you IMAGINE if this was your family crest?

17. Peace of Pizza

This is way too fun and unique!

18. Hello Kitty Pizza

HK fans, this one is for you.

19. The Jacked Pizza Man

If you love pizza and you love working out, why not?

20. Ninja Turtles

I mean, come on... how cool is this?!

21. Pizza Infinity Symbol

Pizza forever, y'all. Pizza forever.

22. A Tiny Pizza Tat

This has to be one of the best finger tattoos ever.

Image Source: Instagram