#WeFoughtAbout: A Couple Posts Their Kerfuffles on Twitter

A twenty-something couple from Chicago has found a new way to utilize social media: they are airing all of the reasons they fight on Twitter. Clair Meyer and Alan Linic started a Twitter handle called “We Fought About” that has amassed around eight thousand followers. My personal favorites:

According to The Cut, the couple met through the Chicago comedy scene, which explains the hilarity of their fights. The light-hearted feed features many Harry Potter references and common couple snafus (“It took me three hours to respond to Claire’s text”). The pair only posts what triggers their fight after the fight has been resolved, which I’m sure keeps the tweets from causing more problems or getting too personal. Their feed reminds us that we all have crazy relationship moments, but some things just aren’t worth fighting out (“Alan got jealous of a pear”).

While #wefoughtabout is “therapeutic” for them and entertaining for us, I wouldn’t recommend that other couples take on similar projects. Not only do too many people over share on social media, but also in less adept hands, posts about couples fighting can get real ugly really quickly…and no one needs to see that.