What Happened Between Craig & Kathryn On The Beach? 'Southern Charm' Reunion Says It Wasn't What You Think

I hoped the biggest mystery of Southern Charm Season 2 would be addressed at the reunion. I hoped Andy Cohen would ask the big question. The questioned that has gnawed at me for weeks. That question is, of course, What happened to the Jekyll Island golf cart? I was dying to know what became of that vehicle. Sadly, Craig and Kathryn never revealed what they did with the cart. (I’ll forever assume the golf cart Viking funeral of my dreams is what what down.) However, Andy did ask about what went down after the golf cart battery passed away: What REALLY happened between Kathryn and Craig on the beach that night?

“We were in different holes," Craig said. (Don't mind me or everyone in the Bravo Clubhouse as we LOL at that one for a few minutes.) He wasn't sure where the snuggling in a sand hole rumor came from. He added that he gave Kathryn his hoodie because she was shaking from the cold. "This was the worst night of my life," Craig said.

“If we knew where we were going, we were probably 3 miles away. But we didn’t know— Trust me, when I saw the map the next day, I was really upset at myself," Craig continued. "We walked til probably six or seven in the morning.* And finally, she couldn’t go any farther, it was 40 degrees outside, so I dug her a hole, and I stayed awake because I was convinced we were gonna get murdered by these woods people**. It was freaky as s—t.”

Craig and Kathryn are adamant that nothing scandalous occurred on the sands of Jekyll Island during their beach slumber party. They maintain no beach hole canoodling (ugh, that sounds so nasty) whatsoever happened. So, I'll take their word for it... this time.

*Wait. They drunkenly trudged around in the sand FOR FOUR HOURS? That really does sound like the worst night ever.

**"Woods people"? Like, does Jekyll Island have a woodland faerie issue? Now I'm imagining Craig swatting at tiny winged mythical creatures. BRB, I gotta go to Jekyll Island, stat.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; instalaugh/tumblr