When Is Iggy Azalea & Nick Young's Wedding Date? There Are 2 Meaningful Options For The Happy Couple

By now, the Internet has had time to process and celebrate the fact that Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are engaged. Fans are going wild, not just because they're happy for Young or for Azalea, but because the exact moment of the proposal was caught on video, and that video is on the Internet, and people have likely watched that video hundreds of times by now. The pair were celebrating his birthday when he decided to pop the question, and I-G-G-Y, shocked and laughing, was quick to say yes and start reaching for that truly impressive engagement ring. But when are Azalea and Young getting married? Have they set a date yet?

The answer thus far appears to be no. Or, at least, if they've set a date, then they're not telling anyone what it is. Obviously, the two need time to enjoy the fact that they're engaged before they rush into planning a wedding. In fact, it's not uncommon for celebrities to get engaged without setting a concrete wedding date right afterward. Look at Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, who have been engaged for about two years now. However, if I had to make a guess as to when we could probably expect the upcoming nuptials, there are two dates that could be of some great significance to the couple.

The first potential wedding date would be somewhere around Azalea's birthday. Swaggy P proposed to her on his own birthday, but rumors prior to that held that he would propose to her on her actual birthday, June 7. Having never been married before, I'm not sure what the rules are about having your wedding on the same day as your birthday, but, if it's a bad thing, then a simple summer wedding at any point would help the entire season become a season of love for them. Between his birthday, her birthday, and their wedding anniversary, they'd be celebrating all their important days with enough months between them and Christmas that they'd still have something to look forward to.

The next potential wedding date would be some time in September. As we all know, Azalea was forced to cancel her upcoming autumn tour. What if the reasons given aren't the real reasons? What if she canceled them because Young promised them a getaway and that "getaway," now that she has said yes to his proposal, is really a wedding? An autumn wedding is certainly within the budget of what the pair can afford, and it's a very popular choice since it's not too hot and not too cold. Whenever Azalea and Young decide to get married, congratulations are certainly in order. They look incredibly happy together, and that ring is gorgeous. Insert obligatory "she's so fancy" joke here, guys.