Women Share Their Honest Opinions About Beards, And We've Got Some Bad News For The Lumbersexuals Out There — VIDEO

I know beards were a full-fledged thing for a while. They, in a literal sense, exist as naturally-occurring facial protection. Like a bristly husk to encompass cheeks and chins and necks. I get why people would feel compelled to grow and groom them (especially armed with the knowledge that beards are not full of poop), but as a person who cannot grow and groom one myself? Lukewarm. Of course, though, I know opinions vary on everything, facial hair included. In an effort to display realistic diversity in 'tudes, a handful of women gave their real opinions on beards.

Maybe opinions on beards ebb and flow with age and personal experience. That sounds like a thing that could be true. Personally, I know when I was younger, I used to find facial hair mega foxy—but I think a lot of that attraction stemmed from my own individual quest to date men not boys. Over time, I learned all boys (physically, at least) grow into men, and sometimes those men are biologically incapable of growing hair from their face in a way that resembles a socially acceptable beard. Often, the result of "growing it out" turns into an upsetting neckbeard. Or a patchy, translucent almost-'stache. It doesn't always work—and even when it does, sometimes it doesn't work for other people. Yah feel me? Here's some examples of differing female opinions on beards:



Clear cut. I appreciate this woman's candor. I also kinda support it.

Peachy fuzz


I can't lie. The worst part about beards is when a person cannot decide the plan re: their own face. The whole back-and-forth and spikiness of growth that may or may not stay...I'd prefer not. But again! Opinions vary. Clearly.

When we get into specifics, however, such as lumbersexuality (as one of the lifestyle's defining characteristics entails a burly beard, typically paired with warm clothing and carpentry skills)—everything gets just a touch more heated.

Pro plaid


Flannel is actually pretty smart clothing.

Overall cleanliness


That is a 100% valid concern. It's nice to burrow your face into another face that doesn't smell like a flooded garage. That is fine.

The ladies in the video also covered important beard-related topics and concerns. It's exhaustive and enlightening and...beards, guys. BEARDS. Let's review:

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