This Epic Dance Battle Between A Groom And His Mom Will Put Your Electric Slide To Shame

In a world where wedding ceremonies are practically required to make an effort to go viral, it's difficult to find a stunt that hasn't been done before. You've probably seen your fair share of wedding dance battles before, but trust me, none of them come close to the Hegge wedding dance-off. According to Cosmopolitan, the Hegge family has a long and storied history of dance battles, stretching back 25 years. In fact, they're such an important tradition that the bride, Jenna, was "really bummed" when she thought Evan Hegge and his mother had settled for a typical mother-son slow dance to "What a Wonderful World." Oh, Jenna, how unbearably naive of you. Little did she know that Evan, his three sisters, and his mother, Pam, had secretly planned a dance-off to surprise everyone at the reception. "The only people who knew were my immediate family and the DJ," he told the Huffington Post. The dance battle that ensued reached truly epic proportions, and luckily for us, it was all caught on camera. In addition to excellent song choices on display (the soundtrack includes the Spice Girls and LMFAO, natch), the video is clear evidence that Evan and his mother, Pam, missed their calling as dancers. Seriously, that family has some moves, while I was painfully reminded at a wedding last weekend that I have yet to master the Electric Slide.

Although the dance battle featured Evan and his mom, Pam kept the focus on the bride. "It was so much fun doing it and looking out and seeing the faces of family and friends and especially Jenna," she told the Argus Leader.

(Yes, that is the "Single Ladies" dance.)

As much fun as the groom and his mom are clearly having, it's just as fun to watch, which you can do below:

Margo Hegge on YouTube

Images: Margo Hegge/YouTube