Dad Plays Catch With Daughter During Their Father-Daughter Dance, Somehow Makes Us Cry Harder Than Any Dance Ever Did — VIDEO

In the overarching genre that is ~YouTube matrimony~, there are definitive pros and cons. For me, the cons are proposal videos—I don't care how clever or Pitch Perfect they are. They need to end. And then there are the pros: Synchronized wedding dances, of course. Because any moment in your life that ends up being reminiscent of Grease is a worthwhile moment. And then there are all the moments in between, some cute and some with no business being on the Internet. But this dad playing catch with his daughter during a father-daughter dance is something I'm more than willing to accept.

This father-daughter dance starts off pretty typically. "What A Wonderful World" is solid Louis Armstrong ballad choice. And then they change tunes—to "Centerfield," a John Fogerty song my father would be only too pleased that a recognize.

And they start playing catch.

Really, a perfect twist to a traditional father-daughter dance. And the father's message on the video couldn't be sweeter:

THAT'S the kind of sentimentality I'm on board with. We don't need more proposal videos at Disneyland. We need more fathers and daughters playing catch in formal wear.

What a smooth transition:


The father eventually hands his place playing catch with his daughter over to her new husband. FEELINGS.

This chick and her husband playing catch at their wedding is our #RelationshipGoals.


Here's the full video:

Jim Mickunas on YouTube

And for all my yammerings about how synchronized dancing makes for the ultimate wedding/Internet experience, I have the ultimate television proof to back me up.

CBS on YouTube

Point made. Case closed.

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