13 Pics Of Iggy & Nick That Show They're Committed

Listen up, because I’m about to say something radical. Just because two people get engaged and promise to eventually commit themselves to one another does not mean that they are, in fact, right for each other. But, that cynicism aside, there are those couples who prove that true love is a real thing and make scrolling through those endless Facebook engagement announces bearable. The newly engaged Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are one of those couples. Throughout their whirlwind romance, there hasn’t ever been a doubt as to where they stand with each other. It’s so abundantly clear they’re both very much in love.

The greatest evidence of the fact that they’ve always been on a direct road to the ultimate commitment? The pair’s Instagram accounts that are peppered with both sweet and silly photographs of their epic coupledom that range from the extravagant to the everyday. So, if you’re like me, and are a skeptic of love — or, at least, young love — look no further than Azalea and Young’s social media profiles to prove to yourself that it’s not a cliché and some people actually are "meant to be."

1. Obviously, when they shared this intimate and sweet snapshot of their most important moment as a couple thus far

*Hits silverware against glass repeatedly*

2. When they remodeled two houses together

That takes a LOT of patience and trust. I'd know, I watch an endless amount of HGTV house flipping shows.

3. When Young got Azalea a ridiculously extravagant bracelet with both of their names on it so the world could see their solidified love

Diamonds are forever.

4. When Young couldn't actually give Azalea his heart, so he bought her a life sized equivalent

Not a bad substitute.

5. When they spent their anniversary at Target, like a true married couple

Maybe they got a little wild and strolled through the beer aisle for a special treat.

6. When Young cheekily creeped behind two beautiful bouquets he probably bought

Are there any perfect boyfriend bases he hasn't covered?!

7. When they basically Honeymooned

What a life.

8. When they found each other even when they were apart


9. When they shamelessly matched

They do say people in love start to look like each other.

10. When they enjoyed a day at home with their (dog) child

What a painfully cute family moment.

11. Because they always look super happy together...

Selfies aren't always selfish.

12. Thoroughly enjoy even the mundane moments...

What is it the kids say these days? Oh yeah... GOALS.

13. And this metaphor-in-a-picture is too perfect to ignore

Ya know. Walking through life. Side by side. *Sighs* Congrats, you two!