This Baby Doing The Bubble Butt Dance Is Everything In Your Life You Never Knew You Needed — VIDEO

It wouldn't be a Tuesday with something incredibly adorable to coo over on the Internet. And here it is: This ridiculously cute baby doing the bubble butt dance. The caption of the video reads: [sic] "Max gets WAY down. Do I feel guilty? We're starting to collect material for his 21st reeeeal early." Clearly his parents have a good sense of humor, and are also super organized about planning ahead when it comes to embarrassing their son in the future. Because that's what being a parents is about in the digital age: Collecting enough material to make your child's adulthood a nightmare.

The video in question, in my opinion, is more cute than embarrassing, but I suppose only time will tell the truth on that one. The adorable bub, covered in suds in the bath, puts his hands against the wall and starts to "twerk"—not that a baby knows what twerking is, but his parents do. Said parents then start beatboxing/singing "Bubble Butt" while the baby continues to twerk. Silly baby. You know not what you do. Also of note is that the mother is creating bubbles using a hand mixer in the water, which is probably the most genius thing I have ever seen.


Some other awesome moments from the video include:

1. This face


2. Max conducting his dad to sing


3. Mum getting into it

4. This mirror effect

5. No wait, THIS glitter effect

Watch the video below:

Shonky Brothers on YouTube

Images: YouTube (7)