How Are Teresa's Kids Faring With Her In Jail?

The Giudice family has definitely seen better times. With matriarch Teresa Giudice in prison and her husband Joe Giudice's sentence to follow, it is definitely not the ideal situation for four young girls. So how are Teresa Giudice's four daughters holding up while their mom is away? Surprisingly, this normally public family has kept things relatively low-key. Even with the spotlight on them and a constant influx of media attention, we still don't know a whole lot about the Guidice clan during this time — and that's OK. The family deserves some private time to work through these difficulties on their own and try to live their lifes with as much consistency as possible. Still, I'm sure fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey want to know what the girls have been up to, even if it's in the most general sense.

So what do we know about these Giudice girls these days? Gia, age 14, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5, have been living their lives as normally as they can. They've stayed away from the cameras for the most part and they've been keeping a pretty low profile. Minus a few news stories and some tweets from Gia's Twitter account, there hasn't been much news. And I think that's good news. The family really should be looking after themselves at this time rather than try to keep entertaining fans.

That said, here are the updates that they decided to give us when they felt the time was right.

Gia's Tweets

If you really want to know what's going on with the Giudice kids, the best source is Gia's Twitter. The teenager has been keeping it real with her tweets. She is always willing to stand up for her family against any rumors. But other than that, she is just a typical teen who posts inspirational quotes and cheerleading videos.

Family Gatherings

Even though the Giudice family has been pretty much out of the spotlight, that doesn't mean the girls are going to skip out on extended family events. Teresa's daughters Milania and Audriana attended their cousin Joey's birthday party. Joey is the son of Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, and her Real Housewives cast mate, Melissa Gorga. Former RHONJ cast member Jacqueline Laurita shared the scoop about the birthday party with the website Mr. Real Housewife: “Antonia and Milania were inseparable and Audriana was very attached to her Aunt Melissa, but they were all running around and enjoying Joey’s special day. They were all so cute.” It sounds like the family has really come together during this time.

Prison Visit

Although the Giudice girls have been away from the cameras for a majority of these recent months, they did let the cameras in during a prison visit. In fact, the family was pictured on the cover of Us Weekly following their visit. Teresa looked far from the glamorous lady we saw on Real Housewives, but the family seemed to be in relatively good spirits and happy to be reunited.

I'm sure a lot of fans want to know more about the Giudice children these days, but if you're a real fan of the show, then you should be happy that the girls are getting some much needed privacy for the time being. Plus, the few updates that we do have are all positive, and that's all that matters.