Chipotle Is Testing Out A New Menu Item!

by Abby Johnston

Kansas City burrito bowl lovers will be the lucky bastards that get to sample Chipotle's new test ingredient — chorizo, delicious and magical Mexican-style sausage. Beginning Tuesday, Kansas City's 33 Chipotle locations will be rolling out the new ingredient, and let's hope it tests well. Seriously, you want this added to your local stores. And I've already got some ideas for Kansas City-area location combinations that you'll hopefully get to use, too.

Chipotle's rare menu tinkering comes on the heels of Sofritas, a tofu product that it introduced in 2013. Nate Appleman, the restaurant's corporate chef, said that he has been looking forward to the rollout for a long while. "I’ve been beating the drum for five years,” Appleman told The Kansas City Star. "It was one of the first things I worked on."

Chorizo is a breakfast taco staple in the Southwest, but the savory sausage is appropriate to eat at literally any and all times. The Kansas City Star reports that chorizo is "a blend of ground chicken and pork with paprika, cumin, garlic and red wine." That sounds fine, too, but down in Texas we use straight pork and swap paprika for cumin. Apparently Chipotle will stick with the former iteration, which creates less greasy sausage. I guess I forgive them.

Appleton gave the star his suggested combination to the Star: "...chorizo with white or brown rice, black beans, tomato salsa, sour cream or cheese, and maybe a little guacamole."

Again, fair treatment. And far be it from me to cross a man who was named James Beard Rising Star Chef in 2009, but as a chorizo connoisseur of sorts, I've got a few ideas of my own on how to get your new delicious Chipotle combination.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Combo #1

Ask for a giant heap of guacamole, mix chorizo cheese and "mild tomato salsa" (just for reference, y'all, it's called pico de gallo). Then grab chips and thank me later.

Combo #2

Get a bed of white rice, black beans crumbled chorizo on top, with a drizzling of sour cream.

Combo #3

Romaine, chorizo, black beans, cheese, tomato salsa and tomatillo salsa makes for a relatively unhealthy but still wonderful salad.

Combo #4

A heaping burrito of chorizo and only chorizo. And a beer.

Combination #5

A heaping bowl of chorizo and only chorizo. And a beer.

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