Will There Be A 'Community' Movie? The Season 6 Finale Hinted They Could Take The Big Screen

We did it, fellow Greendale Human Beings. The most recent season of Community has ended on Yahoo Screen. So, is a Community movie coming after Season 6? Personally, I don't think there should be any more seasons of Community. Without spoiling anything, in my opinion the Season 6 finale was a perfect ending to the series. The episode ended with single, shortened hashtag "#andamovie," so what does it mean? Is this a call to arms? Now that they've made good on one half of the #sixseasonsandamovie promise, is a movie inevitable?

If you haven't watched the 13-episode sixth season yet, what are you waiting for? It's very good and I enjoyed every minute. The addition of Paget Brewster and Keith David made the latest batch of episodes refreshing but not too different. They tackled spy movies, the Sony hack, the classic movie The Sting, and deconstructed themselves in a way they have never before in the final two episodes. My only complaint about Community Season 6 is that Yahoo Screen can be a bit glitchy, but the service is improving and has become available on a number of apps.

Joel McHale appeared on Conan and shared his own informed opinion. He thinks that while Yahoo may be interested in more Community, it's not necessarily going to happen. However, he does think the possibility of a movie is likely. If Dan Harmon's willing to write a script, and enough money is raised, we could be seeing Community in a movie theater near us (or whatever hip new platform the future holds) before long. So, what would a Community movie look like? I have a few pitches, if you don't mind.

The Search For Troy

I know that Donald Glover is off doing his own thing, but there is an unnecessary sadness to Abed when he's lost his best bro. Troy departed Community on a boat with LeVar Burton. In an Easter Egg later on in the series, it was revealed that their boat was captured by pirates off the Gulf of Mexico. If that's not a movie plot waiting to happen and get the gang back together, I don't know what is.

Who Will Direct?

Ideally, the perfect directors for the Community movie would be Joe and Anthony Russo. The brothers, together and separately, directed several key episodes of Community including the pilot, the "hot lava" episode, and many of the paintball episodes. However, they have their hands full with most of the bigger upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Another popular Community director, Justin Lin, will be busy with the next Star Trek and Bourne films.

I would suggest someone like Richard Ayode, who directed an episode in 2011 and is trying to make a name for himself as a director. Other contenders include Gail Mancuso and Jay Chandrasekhar, though both of those directors seem more inclined to television.

A Whole New World

The thing that simultaneously concerns and excites me about the prospect of a Community movie is that in many ways it's a show about television. What would a Community movie even look like? How does a show about television become a movie? Will it be a movie about movies? A movie about television? A movie about a movie about television? A show about nothing? Wait, that's been done. If you're a fan of Community, you know that many of these are legitimate possibilities. I trust the brain of Dan Harmon and his team of producers to come up with something fitting, but it'll be interesting to see which path they take.

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