This Guy Whose Big Promposal Got Turned Down Is Just One Of Infinity Reasons Why Promposals Need To Stop — VIDEO

Promposals come in every category you can possibly imagine. Stoner promposals, themed promposals, corny proposals and, most notably, failed promposals. They have become an utterly intolerable art form, and the worst part about the promposal genre is it's still going strong. Every high school scenario you can think of, from your own high school experience or from The Breakfast Club, has been incorporated into a promposal somehow. Football games, by the lockers, in the cafeteria. You name it, they're promposaling at it, or close by. This rejected football promposal goes terribly wrong and proves once and for all that we need to stop making promposal videos.

This promposal is the classic saga. He likes the girl. He plays football. You swoon over the romance. After the big game, he promposes. And the audience waits with baited breath for the moment when love is real and she says YES.

And then she says no.

High school love is left unrequited. Because, ya know, that's something new. It's pretty sad. But then again, are we surprised? Of course not. It's a PROMPOSAL for crying out loud. There's like a 75% chance that she was going to think it was ridiculously lame.

Sorry, bro. Should've tried a note during English class. Watch the heartbreak play out:

Of all the truly sad things about this video, his rejection certainly isn't the worst. I'm still more upset about the fact that he was sure enough she'd say yes that he asked in front of the entire school (and the whole Internet). I'm equally torn up because I recently used "prompose" as a verb because that just proves that this trend has gone too far.